Tuesday 8 September 2015

Keeping the memories alive ! (Snapfish photobook review)

It's only been a few short weeks since we got back from Turkey but the chilled out attitude is disappearing as fast as the tan ! Once you all go back to work and school and things get as hectic as before the holidays, stress levels soon rise again and you often don't feel like you've had a break at all. (Or is that just me ?!)

When Snapfish got in touch and asked if we'd like to create a lasting reminder of our holiday memories, I jumped at the chance. I browsed through the products and debated making a canvas print to put on the wall or a mug to make me smile in the mornings, but in the end I decided to go with one of their photo books. I couldn't decide on one single photo to pick for the other projects so this option meant I could select lots of them - almost 200 of them, in fact ! It seemed like a daunting task but the photobook creator is really simple to use and the autofill system takes a lot of the pain (and time) out of it as you just need to resize and tweak the layout of the photos until you get the finished design that you want.

Once the book was created and ordered, it only took a couple of days to arrive. One lovely feature is that you can share a link to a digital copy of your photobook with friends and family online and give them the option of ordering their own copy. That would be a great idea for wedding photos or other family occasions.

It's turned into a coffee table book at the moment with every member of the family finding it totally irresistible, flicking through it every time they sit on the settee.

How can you look at photos like these and not feel your stress levels drop? I can almost smell the suncream and feel the water lapping at my ankles !

It's lovely to hear excited squeals of "ooh, do you remember Ben and Alpi?" and "ohhh, that was when we visited Priem" and it's brought back many a memory that makes us chuckle !

It's lovely to imortalise a special moment too, such as here, where Pierre learnt to swim, progressing from timidly sitting in a big rubber ring to confidently crossing the pool with just armbands. Proud mummy (and daddy) moment !

Digital cameras are great because you can instantly see the shots that you've taken and redo them if necessary, but the downside is, we tend to print out less photos than in the pre-digital days so it's harder to sit down and look through old ones (unless you want to get your computer out). Photo books are a great solution. (When I think of all the hours I spent painstakingly making scrapbooks with the Madhouse kids' baby photos in the days before photobooks and digital photos ... ! )

The cost of my 46 page hardbacked photo book was £44.36 but it's value is priceless. It's a great way to immortalise our holiday memories, and also share them with the rest of the family.

Disclosure : I received a voucher for a photo product, in order to write an honest review.


  1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for the great review. Would you please be so kind to drop us an email with your contact details at svelinova@snapfish-llc.com? Thanks.

    1. Ah there you are - I emailed you yesterday but it bounced back because I had your old email !

  2. Thanks Cheryl - looks like you had a super holiday! This is just the book to keep you warm on the long, dark nights of winter! :-)


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