Sunday 27 September 2015

Sunday weigh-in : A non-week

No change at al this week ... which is good enough. There are always blips, weightloss is never a smooth downwards path so a no-change once in a while is all par for the course. Fingers crossed it will be a loss next week.

Positives of the week

- I've started listening to the Slimpod again (which could well be why I'm so chilled out about a no-change !)

- Life is slowly starting to settle down - I've cleared most of the paperwork and extra back-to-school errands - so hopefully I'll be able to fit in some wii-fit sessions soon. I did get out geocaching which was a long walk.

Current targets 

Last week's target : Find the time (or make time) to squeeze in at least one wii fit run - stay in the 80's (half done)

This week's targets : Find the time (or make time) to squeeze in at least one wii fit run and listen to the Slimpod - stay in the 80's

Short-term targets 

(1) get back into the 80's
(2) get my "lbs lost" back into double figures
(3)  get my "weight to lose" badge down into the 40's 
 (4)  get back to 87kg, my pre-holiday weight 
(5) get my "kg lost" badge back into double figures 
(6) get my "weight loss" badge higher than my "still to go" badge
(7) get back into my (smallest) bright blue jeans comfortably
(8) get back to 77kg - my lowest weight since my pregnancies

Longer-term targets :  Hit my target weight of 70kg.

START WEIGHT :93.7kg (BMI 34.8)
WEIGHT TODAY : 89.9kg (BMI 33.4)
STILL TO GO : 19.9kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to my weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement. You can even grab the linkie code and add it to your own blog if you like. :)

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  1. Sounds like you have a good, healthy attitude to your weight loss. You're so right, there are bound to be times when we just maintain and there's nothing wrong with that

    1. I might have sworn under my breath a bit though ! lol ;-)

  2. You definitely have the right attitude, so many people put a lot of pressure on their selves unnecessarily, there is always next week!


    1. Slow but steady is the way to win the race ! :)

  3. I believe that if you loose weight gradually it will stay off, it it is lost too quickly you will fall back into old eating habits. I sounds like you have the right attitude. You may not have lost anything this week, but you haven't gained either! x

    1. That's very true - and I love turning a negative into a positive :)

  4. It is hard to simply maintain weight, let alone lose it! You have been crazy busy recently but good news that you can get back on track with the WiiFit now and you are powering on with the SlimPod - you will be going at it with renewed vigour! Losing weight the right way will ensure it stays off! You keep cracking on love - thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week!! Sim xx

    1. Thanks Sim ... slow but steady is fine ... as long as it's steady ! lol


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