Wednesday 23 September 2015

World of Warriors and a world of packed lunches ! (review)

Have you settled into the back-to-school routine yet? How about your kids' packed lunches? Have they started getting routine and boring too? Well, World of Warriors to the rescue !

If you don't know World of Warriors yet, it's the latest offering from Mind Candy, the creators of the well-known and well-loved Moshi Monsters. It's a fun interactive game that takes you to the Wildlands, where you can build an army made up of warriors including Vikings, Romans and Knights - which meant that Pierre was in his element when we visited a multi-era reenactment camp at the weekend and it was just like a real-life game of World of Warriors !

Pierre was delighted to receive a fabulous back-to-school pack including a backpack, lunchbox, snackpot and drinks bottle, as well as an activity pack. I was just as impressed by the Warrior Meal Plans, which provide a whole school week's worth of fun, kid-friendly and healthy lunchbox ideas.

Each one is introduced by one of the Warriors, so they will really appeal to fans of the game - but I quite fancy eating them myself too !

Monday – Roman Rampage Pitta Pizza (by Crixus the Roman Gladiator)

Pitta Pizza (a small wholemeal pitta bread with a spreading of tomato puree, a spoonful of sweetcorn or mushrooms, squares of ham and grated cheese)
Chopped grapes and strawberries (10-15 fruits)
snack 1 - natural yogurt (one small pot)
snack 2 - a small banana

Tuesday – Heroic Wholemeal Pasta Salad (by Gunnar the Viking Raider)

Wholemeal pasta salad with tuna and sweetcorn and mixed with natural yoghurt (45-65g dried pasta)
Viking sized apple chunks with squeezed lemon juice on top (to stop it browning)
Snack 1 - cucumber & carrot sticks
Snack 2 - a fistful of cherries

Wednesday – Stealth-Conscious Sarnie (Kuro the Midnight Ninja)

Houmous (or egg and cress) and cucumber filling on a wholemeal bread roll.
Cheese squares and a fistful of cherry tomatoes (20-30g chunk of cheese)
One sneaky satsuma
Snack 1 - Flapjack
Snack 2 - Baby corn and celery sticks

Thursday – Aztec Fury Wrap (Zuma the Jaguar Warrior)

Mighty chicken and salad wrap (lettuce, onion and tomato) - ten inch wholemeal wrap/with couscous
Yoghurt and raisins
Snack 1 - a small kiwi (or in season) fruit
Snack 2 - Mini breadsticks and houmous dip

Friday – Brutus' Bone-Crunching Crackers (by Brutus the Roman Soldier)

Four whole grain crackers with Marmite and cheese
Beans and avocado salad
Pineapple and melon chunks
Snack 1 - Hard boiled egg
Snack 2 - Buttered bread soldiers

Which one do you fancy trying first ?

Disclosure : We received the lunchbox ideas and World of Warriors products.

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