Tuesday 3 May 2016

Baylis & Harding Mum to Bee review

Whenever a female friend or relative has a baby, everyone always wonders what to buy to welcome the newborn into the world - baby clothes, a cuddly toy, a playmat or maybe a personalised keepsake to record the date? Well, I always think it's the mum who deserves a present after everything she's just been through - not just the birth itself but the nine months before and the oodles of sleepless nights and crazy hormones waiting just around the corner !

Baylis & Harding have just launched a lovely new range that would be perfect for new or expectant mums, the Mum To Bee Collection, which features a gentle honey and almond fragrance and some luxurious pampering treats to remind them to put themselves first for a while (or at least put them on them bathroom shelf as a reminder that that day will eventually come around when they will get five minutes in the bathroom alone again !)

I received the Mum To Bee "Comfort Me" Sock Set (£6) that you can see above, which includes some gorgeously soft and fluffy socks, some foot lotion and some foot soak crystals. When I was pregnant with Sophie, I had the start of pre-eclampsia and my feet puffed up and felt horrible so these would have been a godsend then. Finding me-time is hard when you're a new mum but you could soak your feet while feeding baby then, if you're lucky, get the doting dad to massage your feet with the lotion when baby has fallen asleep on you !

There are other gift sets available in the range too :

"Relaxation Time" Slipper Set (£15) - fluffy faux fur slippers, foot lotion and foot soak crystals.

"PamperMe" Wash Bag (£7) with Body Cleanser, Shampoo, Body Cream, Conditioner.

"Treat Me" Travel Bag (£7) with  Body Cleanser, Cream Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Bath Milk.

I love the relaxing scent, the fact that it encourages new mums and mums-to-be to put theseves first for a change and also the low prices. 

The range is available exclusively at Tesco's - click through for more information  

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. I love these products, am going to find some and buy them.

  2. A lovely treat

  3. These are a lovely gift idea. I received some when my son was born but to be honest didn't get round to using it until months later - couldn't find much time for myself before then!


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