Sunday 29 May 2016

Stork’s Sunday Bakes for baking inspiration and advice from GBBO winner John Whaite

Do you have a specific baking day? Like most busy working mums, I would imagine, my usual baking day is Sunday because Saturday generally ends up being errands day, leaving Sunday for baking cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats to see us through the week ahead.

Having determined that Sunday is the nation's favourite baking day, Stork have teamed up with Great British Bake off winner John Whaite to launch Sunday Bakes, a social media service designed to help the nation avoid baking blunders and maybe cook up some showstoppers in preparation for the Patron’s Lunch street parties coming up on 12th June. Every Sunday, John will be sharing tips and recipe inspiration on Stork’s social media channels that you can try out in your own kitchens.

Here's a taster of what he's been sharing but keep your eyes (on the pies ?!) because there's plenty more to come. (I suggest clicking through to see the videos on youtube because the recipes are there in print form too, making it easier if you want to print them out.)

I love the different combinations of flavours that go into this recipe for Spiced Lamb Pasties - I haven't had time to make it yet (I still haven't packed my case for the school trip to London tomorrow and we're leaving at 5am - eek !) but I definitely will be when I get back because I have everything I need already. In the meantime, Galina has made them over at Chez Maximka and they look delicious.

If you want a crowdpleaser, this amazing Peanut Drip Cake serves 14-16 people and it looks fit for a queen so would be ideal for the street parties in her honour.

If you haven't got a specific recipe in mind but you want to brush up on your baking skills, you might also like to check out John's top tips :

Disclosure : I received a shopping voucher for ingredients.


  1. Thank you for your kind mention, Cheryl! Those pasties were very tasty. I'm sure the cake is delicious too, but just looking at it I feel like my waist is expanding, lol. Any day could be a baking day here, in fact I think I bake less on Sundays than any other day.

    1. LOL I know what you mean, it's definitely one to share ! Ahhh I'm jealous, I wish every day could be a baking day here ! :)

  2. I love baking shortbread on a Sunday


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