Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Black Farmer beef burgers review

Having recently sampled The Black Farmer's sausages and cheese (click through to read my reviews) and loved both of them, I was keen to see what we would think of their beefburgers and whether they would be of the same high quality that I've come to expect. We received two packs to try out - Beef Burgers and Beef & Cheese Burgers.

They can be kept in the fridge or frozen then defrosted before cooking, which is what we did, and they come back perfectly fresh, looking nothing like regular frozen burgers.

I cooked them in a hot frying pan with a tiny drizzle of olive oil and they released a fair amount of fat - more than I expected but this did mean that they were beautifully moist and juicy. 

As we had both varieties to sample, I served two burgers (one of each), along with some buttered baby potatoes, salad and cherry tomatoes, but one would be plenty for most appetites. They didn't reduce much in size during cooking, which is a sign of a high quality burger in my opinion, because it means it hasn't released loads of fat, water and goodness knows what other fillers. 

The plain beef burgers have a lovely fresh, meaty taste - much meatier than our usual lower quality frozen burgers. The beef & cheese burgers are also delicious, but the dominant flavour is chives, not cheese. They're very nice though.

The packaging promises 100% British beef and looking at the ingredients list, they contain 93% beef (or 82% beef and 11% cheese), plus water, soya bean flour, salt, dextrose, spices, herbs, preservative (E221 : sodium sulphate), antioxidants (E300, E330), capsicum extract, coriander extract, ginger extract, mace extract, nutmeg extract, pepper extract and sage extract. Nothing really untoward but a few more E-numbers than I expected. Each burger weighs 113g and 100g of product provides 260 calories and 20.3g of fat of which 8.5g saturates - or 221 calories and 16.1g of fat of which 8.2g saturates for the beef & cheese ones, so they are lower in fat and calories than the plain ones, which surprised me.

They taste lovely shallow fried in the frying pan but I think grilling them on the BBQ would take them to another level. They'd make a beautifully juicy hamburger along with some grilled onions and mushrooms and a dollop of ketchup too.

star rating : 4.5/5

available in ASDA

RRP : £2 for 2 burgers

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Oh my goodness, they are sound delicious

  2. My husband would love them

  3. I like the mixture of food your showing too. Not tried those burgers (now on my list)

  4. These look delicious
    Going to buy on my next shopping trip

  5. These look delicious
    Going to buy on my next shopping trip

  6. they look lovely i wasnt aware they did burgers

  7. oh yummy these look fab my kids are fussy sods but i think they will like these, thanks for writing x


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