Wednesday 25 May 2016

Pom Pom Wow! Deluxe Dip & Creation Station review

There's a huge wave of nostalgia crashing over The Madhouse at the moment with us discovering (or rediscovering for me) several of the iconic toys from my childhood, such as Mr Frosty and Spirograph. Pom poms were another thing that I used to love making as a kid - all you needed was a bit of cardboard and the odds and ends of balls of wool that always seemed to be hanging around then (I even remember my nan unpicking home-knitted jumpers and wrapping the wool around the back of the chair to reuse it in another project - does anybody ever do that these days ?!). When I received an email asking if we'd like to review a Pom Pom Wow! Deluxe Dip & Creation Station, I couldn't wait to see how such a simple activity could have been give a funky revamp.

We always love craft kits that come with loads of little odds and ends that we can get creative with, so we were in our element here. The Deluxe Dip & Creation Station set contains : 75 Pom Poms, 85 Adhesive dots, 1 x adhesive roll dispenser, 1 x glitter glue pen, 2 x markers, 1 x paintbrush, 4 x watercolours, 4 x stamper pads, 1 x pipette, 1 x blotting cloth, removable trays and an instruction leaflet. (Plus we got a few extra bits for the purpose of the review.)

The carry/storage case is ideal for keeping everything in one place once it's all out of the little bags. I wish all toys came with a built in storage case like this.

Everything has its own specific space so it's easy to find everything you need and keep it all looking neat and tidy.

The little pellets reminded me of a cross between a licorice allsort and a cigarette filter ! It's actually lots of little pieces of wool squeezed into an outer plastic case that slides off to reveal a ready made pompom that just needs fluffing up.

Now the Creation Station really comes into its own and the fun really starts. You can let your imagination and creativity go wild using the stamper pads and water colours to dye your pellets or the glitter glue and felt tips to add extra sparkle or colour to the edges, then you just add a glue dot, stick it to wherever you want it and pull off the casing to reveal your finished design.

You can stick them to any flat surface and pretty much any material so you can accessorise anything from shoes and bags to books, mirrors, picture frames, bedroom doors (you could write out your name in pompoms !) or on the end of a pencil, like we did. Now, I definitely don't want to give your kids a very bad idea but there will even be a Pom Pom Wow! Car going round the country covered in pom poms ! I can see these becoming hugely popular because they're so simple to make and each design will end up totally unique.

Pom Pom Wow! are taking over UKMumsTV from 28th May and there will be a Twitter Frenzy on Tuesday 31st May from 5pm to 6.30pm @ukmumstv with prizes to be won.

For more information and inspiration, head over to PomPomWOWUK on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

RRP : £29.99

Available in all large toyshops (The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Smyths) or online at

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. I love crafting with my nieces on Sunday afternoons. It keeps us all busy and quiet.


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