Monday 2 May 2016

#KitchenClearout April roundup and May linky

I love how adventurous and creative we all get with #KitchenClearout recipes - this month, I was using up a pack of spring roll wrappers that had gone past their best-before date in weird and wonderful ways ! It's always exciting to see what everyone else has lurking in their cupboards and what you managed to do with it. Here's this month's round-up of thrifty and nifty offerings :

Linzertorte - basically a posh jam tart with an Austrian twist - was a great way to use up up the ends of two bags lurking in the cupboard - ground almonds and dessicated coconut - as well as a jar of damson jam from a Christmas hamper.

Creative as ever, Jane from Onions and Paper used her bargain giant mushrooms in place of a burger bun, wrapped around some very tasty looking venison burgers. Yum !

Some slightly wrinkly apples were made into a rather lovely Apple Crumble Cake, which also used up the end of a bag of demerera sugar.

Galina from Chez Maximka always makes such pretty food and the flavour combination in her Lemon & Coriander Chicken sounds inspired.

Staying on the chicken theme, I made Spice Crusted Chicken which was very nice but nothing like KFC, despite supposedly being a copycat fakeaway recipe. It was a great way of using up some ends of jars of spices though.

Kung Pao Chicken was a delicious oriental dish that cleared out lots of my exotic ingredients, such as soy sauce, ginger wine, black rice vinegar and hoi sin sauce.

Spicy Chicken Salad Pittas were a fab way of using up a small bit of leftover chicken after the Sunday roast, and continued my cull of the near-empty jars in my spice rack.

I won't insult your intelligence by talking about leftover Easter chocolate (which certainly doesn't exist here at The Madhouse) but these White Chocolate & Marshmallow Nests were a fun way to use up some Shredded Wheat from a blogger hamper that nobody wanted to eat.

Eggs of a different kind went into Huevos Rancheros, which used up some squishy tomatoes and wrinkly green pepper from the bottom of the fridge.

Great to see a new blogger joining in and this Lime & Coconut Cake, over on the Sweet Craftiness blog, looks divine. Definitely a worthy way of using up some dessicated coconut.

I'm sure Alison over at Dragons & Fairy Dust is a bit of a secret globecooker on the side, and I love the sound of her Slow Cooked Maple Mustard Chops, which used up some maple syrup and mustard. A lovely Canadian twist on pork chops.

Now, I told you in the introduction that I was on a mission to use up my spring roll wrappers so I came up with three ways of doing so. Firstly Smores spring rolls. (Well why not ?!)

Then Roast Dinner Spring Rolls filled with - you guessed it - the leftovers from the Sunday roast. They tasted way better than they sound !

And finally, my favourite, Turon - Filipino caramelised banana spring rolls that were wonderfully sweet, sticky and gooey.

Once again, a very creative ane eclectic bunch of recipes that used up ingredients that were taking up valuable kitchen space or were well on their way to the bin. Thanks to everyone who linked up.

Fancy joining in? Have a rummage through your kitchen cupboards, spice rack, freezer or fridge and see if there's anything that needs using up then come and share your creations with us. Or if it's way past its sell-by date, throw it in the bin and come and tell us what you found ! It would be great if you could add my badge and a link to this post for anyone else who wants to get involved.


  1. What a variety of delicious recipes! I'd love to try all the sweet dishes, they look soooo good.

  2. Lovely! The Lime and coconut cake sounds delicious! : )

  3. Lovely! The Lime and coconut cake sounds delicious! : )

  4. Tracyann Higgs31 May 2016 at 20:37

    lots of good ideas, really need to make a start on my #KitchenClearout


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