Sunday 22 May 2016

Getting our dancing shoes on with Persil !

There was much excitement recently when an intriguing green rucksack arrived from Persil with personalised badges for Pierre and Juliette. They couldn't wait to see what was hiding inside.

After unpacking everything, we discovered a T-shirt for Juliette, some tracksuit bottoms for Pierre, some plimsolls and a water bottle each and a pack of Persil Mono Capsules for me.

Persil have teamed up with child breakdancer B Girl Terra to encourage kids to try out her favourite breakdancing move, the knee spin.

You can check out her amazing talent here, in this Persil ad which is part of their 'Dirt Is Good' campaign.

The Madhouse kids were up for the challenge so they quickly got changed into their dance gear and filled up their water bottles.

There was lots of spinning round on their backs with their legs in the air laughing their heads off ...

Followed by some arty poses ...

Some climbing up the walls ...

Some rather clever shadowing ...

And a whole lot of clowning around that had us all in fits of giggles.

I wholeheartedly adhere to the 'Dirt Is Good' message and actively encourage the Madhouse kids to get outside in all weathers, geocaching, riding their bikes, splashing in puddles or rolling down grassy banks, as well as partaking in messy play and crafting indoors. I'd never realised how much fun they'd have dancing though, so we'll definitely have to have another "breakdancing" session in the near future because it was hilarious. They got very sweaty though so the Persil came in very handy !

For more ideas for keeping the kids entertained, head over to

Disclosure ; We received a dance kit and some Mono Capsules from Persil.

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