Thursday 5 May 2016

Madhouse diaries : Geocaching on the dock of the bay !

As it was such a beautiful day, I asked the kids what they'd like to do after school - head to the beach, go to a park, go for an adventure walk. To my dismay, the girls both opted for going clothes shopping  so I reluctantly agreed, on the condition that we pop along to a new geocache not far from the town centre. After flashing the cash in H&M for some new summer gear for the kids, we headed along to the port and started off by having a look at the mobile lighthouses.


We walked along the quayside, watching the fishing boats heading in and out of the port, until we got to the bridge where the new geocache had been hidden.

Pierre was very proud to be the one to find it. It didn't have any treasures in it but we left a few little toys for the next people to find.

Pierre and Juliette were just as excited about collecting up all the crab claws that the gulls had dropped after their seafood feast !


  1. Love those mobile lighthouses, clever idea. Well done Pierre for finding the geocache

  2. Love geocaching :)

  3. I love the Geocache posts.The kids seem to really enjoy it.


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