Tuesday 24 May 2016

Choosing a deodorant for a pre-teen (review)

When I first started writing this blog all the way back in 2009, Juliette was a mere 4 years old. How much she's changed ! Now she's on the cusp of her teenage years and is starting to think about beauty and grooming products, including nail varnish and make up. She got a free mascara on a magazine that I bought for her and had a go with it but I think she got more on her eyelids than her lashes ! While the makeup can wait for a while, we have recently been looking around for a deodorant or body spray that appeals to her, to keep her smelling fresh as a daisy after PE or running around outside. (Why do teens suddenly get so pongy ?!)

Starting off with a brand that I regularly use myself, we tried Sure Cotton Dry compressed spray (RRP £3.29). The smaller size is ideal for popping in her school bag but it contains just as much product as the regular non-compressed version. If you're still unconvinced about this aspect, make sure you head over to my Sure Regular vs Compressed test from last summer where I used both simultaneously to see if size really does matter (and discovered that it doesn't, at least in terms of deodorant !). The motionsense technology features microcapsules that break due to the friction caused by movement to release extra freshness when you need it most. You may remember, Sophie put this to the test when she did her reverse bungee jump ! Juliette liked the refreshing coolness of the spray and the fragrance.

Next, she tried Sure Maximum Protection Confidence (RRP £4.90), which comes out as a cream. As the name suggests, Confidence promises to protect you against sweat and odour so you can start each day feeling confident and it certainly lived up to its name. I love the fact that you can apply this before bed and it will keep you fresh all through the next day, something that is particularly useful in the summer when nights are hot and your deodorant often stops working by the end of the day. I love the moisturising sensation of the cream and the fact that it is gentle and doesn't sting after shaving, but Juliette didn't like the wet feel of a cream deodorant. (Which is great news for me because I got to keep it !)

Impulse was a brand that I always used to love when I was a teenager so I was keen to see what she'd think of  the Why Not? Charlie XCX fragrance (£1.99). Before she'd even pulled off the cap, she loved the sassy name, the bright yellow colour and the lipstick kisses on the can. This limited edition scent features zesty, citrus notes of bergamot, frozen lemon and bitter orange, so it is light, fruity and perfect for the summer season, or for teens and tweens who want a zingy "happy" fragrance.

She also got to try another Impulse fragrance called True Love (£1.99), a name which instantly appealed to her. This one contains notes of freesia and tangerine, for a fresh, floral, feminine scent that again got a thumbs up from Juliette. The Impulse sprays both made her feel all grown up, like she was wearing perfume rather than just deodorant.

Have you got a teen or tween-aged daughter and if so, what deodorants does she like using? I get the feeling that Juliette is going to be a body spray junkie and want to try out as many new fragrances as she can find !

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. I ended buying a few for my son before we found one pongy destroyer that worked lol Sure is expensive trying though

    1. Luckily I can use any that she doesn't like !

  2. My teen loves Impulse...I do too actually. It reminds me of my teenage years. hehehe I always grab a few tins when I'm in the pound shop. She goes through so many :D

    1. I remember smelling all the Impulse varieties in Superdrug as a teen ... then sniffing all the Lynx ones to see which ones the boys we liked at school wore !! lol


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