Thursday 26 May 2016

Don't fry for me Argentina ! This month's Kitchen Trotter destination

This month's Kitchen Trotter box has just arrived and we're back in South America, this time discovering the cuisine of Argentina. I loved the Peruvian and Colombian boxes, so I'm hoping Argentina will be just as tasty.

My little extra for being an ambassador got us off to a great start - a Mango Mojito mix. That sounds just what I'll need after next week's three day school trip to London !

The big bag of herba maté looks intriguing - maté is a common drink in Argentina for all ages.

Two jars with very different contents - chimichurri sauce, to give a spicy kick to meat, and dulce de leche, which is an iconic Argentinian product apparently.

As well as the jar of dulce de leche, there is also a pack of alfajores stuffed with dulce de leche which sounds like the Argentinian version of Wagon Wheels, that I haven't eaten since I was a kid !

Dulce de Batata is a sort of sweet potato jam or jelly, traditionally eaten with cheese or in a tart.

Ground chilli is the most commonly used spice in Argentina apparently and this month's gadget is a metal straw, traditionally used in Argentina for drinking maté.

So on to the recipes.

The starter is Locro, a potato, meat and vegetable stew (which sounds more like a main course to me).

Humitas with a twist - a creamy , cheesy corn and butternut squash dish.

Dulce de leche for dessert sounds rather tempting but also a bit daunting because I've seen many a fondant fail on Masterchef !

As a second dessert, there is a Dulce de Batata tart called Pasta Frola, to be served with a glass of maté.

It all sounds rather delicious but it will have to wait util I'm back from my London school trip.


  1. Mango Mojito sounds delicious! Looks like another super selection of exotic goodies.

    1. I love the homely, rustic recipes that often come with the South American boxes :)

  2. As an Argentinian, I must say that the Mango Mojito mix is not something from here, we do not even produce Mango which is a tropical fruit, far from being popular, is rather exotic in these lands. The rest is pretty accurate, but the Pasta Frola is more popular made with quince than sweet potato :)

    1. Very interesting. I guessed as much for the mango mojito - it didn't sound or look very authentic ! I'll have to have another go at pasta frola with quince - I have a jar of quince jam in the cupboard that would be perfect ! :)


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