Monday 23 May 2016

Bringing the beach inside with Yellow Moon ! (review)

It's always a source of great excitement when we receive a new package of crafting supplies from Yellow Moon. I'm still astounded, every single time, that they manage to find activities that appeal to all three Madhouse kids, despite their difference in age (they're 6, 11 and 14). Hats off to the guys who pick our selection and it just goes to show what a wide range of products they have on offer.

The first item that they wanted to get their creative mitts on was this collection of tubs of coloured sand (£9.99 for a set of 6). I had visions of this ending up all over the floor and never coming out of the carpet but it actually hoovers up really easily - phew !

In our box of goodies, we had a pack of plastic teddy bear sand art bottles (£2.99 for 5) to fill  - they are also available in other shapes, including owls, cupcakes, butterflies, sealife and sandcastles. They come with a little funnel and you can go for all one colour, horizontal lines or funky diagonal stripes, which the Madhouse kids favoured, by holding the bottle on a slant when you fill it up. The kids also went rummaging in the kitchen and found a couple of little bottles with stoppers that they used too.

Kids of all ages and even grown ups would enjoy getting involved in this activity so it would be great for a kids' party or family get-together when you want to keep the kids entertained. It's not even messy if you give everyone a plastic tub to catch the excess sand.

While the sand was out, they also wanted to have a go with the beach-themed sand art pictures (£2.99 for 8 - also available in other themes). Using your finger or a pair of tweezers, just peel off each section of backing paper then pour sand over the adhesive section underneath. It's impossible to go over the edges so even very young children can get a very neat finished product.

By pouring the excess off into the aforementioned ice cream tubs, you end up with a multicoloured blend of sand which the Madhouse kids used as a background colour to make their designs really stand out. I was surprised at how well the sand stayed stuck to the pictures, but you could spray the finished picture with hairspray to be extra sure, or you could also use glitter too.

Pierre and Juliette always love the sewing kits and they even manage to thread the big plastic needles and tie the knots on their own now so they both excitedly grabbed the Dog Sewing Kits (£3.99 for 2).

As it is just the outer edge that needs sewing, with the remaining features stuck on (just peel off the backing paper and press on to the felt), these can be made in minutes and they look very cute. Pierre has been taking his to bed with him, after using it as a ball and playing catch with it all afternoon first !

Also in our box of goodies, we had Pattern Rubbing Plates (4 for £3.99) and some Crayola wax crayons (£1.75 for 24) - Juliette also wants to use the rubbing plates with her fimo/playdough to create funky patterns.

There is a big bag of Cat Foam Stickers (£2.99 for 120) which we have yet to use and some pull-back racing snails (£2.49 for 4) which Pierre thought were hilarious when he kept making them scoot under the table while we were having dinner !

The final item was the little tubes of bubbles (£2.49 for 8) which are actually very clever because they are special touchable bubbles. Pierre and Juliette felt like magicians when they kept holding bubbles on their fingers !

As always, we've been having oodles of fun and I've been very impressed at the low prices. With the long summer holidays in the not too distant future, it's always great to stock up on craft kits to keep the kids entertained, so I strongly recommend you go and check out what's on offer. They even have big value craft bundles if you want to buy in bulk.

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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