Sunday 23 September 2012

Sunday weigh in : Against All Odds !

Some weeks, things just don't work the way you want them to. I can give you a huge long list of things that have sabotaged my healthy eating this week, some of which were my own fault and some of which weren't :

- A pupil bought me a family-sized bar of caramel-filled Dairy Milk to say thanks for being such a great teacher last year (Awwww ! It just happens to be my fave too !)

- We have a new cook at the school canteen who doesn't seem to like vegetables much. He burnt the stuffed tomatoes to a cinder on the first day, seems to have done away with vegetable/salad starters, did French onion soup which would have been low-calorie but smothered it in cheese, seems to like puff pastry in all meals ...

- Sophie bought me some Skittles and chocolate as a present with her pocket money. Even if I'm on a diet, I'm not going to be churlish and refuse a present. (I did share it all out with the kids though so we only had a small portion each.)

- I've been baking loads of things for the blog and they've all needed tasting so I can see how they came out before I blog about them!

- The cold weather has had everyone wanting comfort food like Tartiflette (cheese and bacon smothered  potatoes) and Toad in the Hole rather than salads !

- Ben and Jerry's ... in the freezer ... and now in my tummy ... eeeeeeeeek !!

After a few bad days, I almost thought "sod it, the week's a write-off, might as well just give up and eat crap all week because I'm bound to put weight on anyway". Then a little inner voice (who sounded remarkably like Trevor from the SlimPod - freaky!) said "hold your horses, it's only Wednesday, still time to turn it around". And one of the SlimPod "mantras" came to me - Anything that is more than Nothing is Something. Then weird things started happening.

- At the park, I had an uncontrollable urge to go on the seesaw with the kids two days in a row and had a great laugh and a great work-out for my thighs ! I also keep yelling "race you to the corner" on the school run, much to Pierre and Juliette's delight!

- When I made Toad in the Hole, I served up a couple of sausages and batter for everyone, along with a bit of mash and leeks/carrots, but felt stuffed after one and put the other one back in the dish, rather than eating it for the sake of it.

- I was chatting to the kids over lunch, went to clear the table and realised I'd only eaten half of my food. I'd subconsciously stopped when I felt full and hadn't even noticed. Usually I just eat what's on my plate without even thinking about whether or not I'm hungry. I almost ate what was left then thought, nope, I don't want/need any more. I guess this is the "gastric band" effect that the ThinkingSlimmer team mention.

- I didn't eat dessert at the restaurant on Friday (I shared it out amongst everyone else), I didn't use the Thousand Island dressing on my salad at McDonalds' yesterday and I went to grab something to snack on in the fridge when I got home from work, kept picking things up and thinking no, I don't fancy that actually, shut the fridge and didn't eat anything ! I've stopped eating things for the sake of it.

- That's not to say I haven't allowed myself any treats (see above) - but I only eat the things I really love now. The dessert at the restaurant was a mini chocolate mousse which is too rich, a Paris-Brest cake that tastes of coffee which I don't like and a custard thing that looked waterlogged. I thought nope, don't fancy wasting my calories on that lot - I'll wait until I get home and have a couple of squares of chocolate instead.

Those are all things the SlimPod used to make me do. But I haven't listened to it for literally months. Looks like it's still working though which is amazing.

WeightWatchers Online is also a great tool because nothing is forbidden so you don't have to beat yourself up about eating something "bad". You just work out the number of ProPoints (using the catalogue of pre-calculated items, or working it out yourself with the nutritional information on the label and the ProPoints calculator) and make sure you don't go over your daily allowance. If I had an unhealthy lunch or a calorie-rich treat, I'd catch up with a salad or vegetable-based meal in the evening so my points still balanced out.

Well, I'm off to hop on the scales, expecting a gain but hoping it won't be too big ... *drumroll* ...

Unbelievable ! I lost 200g ! Woohoo ! That takes me to exactly 81kg so I'm really hoping to be in the 80 point somethings next week. (Although I said that last week !) After the week I've had, it could have been a LOT worse !

STILL TO GO : 15kg

Don't forget to call in on my weight-loss buddies, fingers crossed they all had a good week too :

Jane at 7hippopotamus 

Anybody else want to join in with our weekly weigh-in link up ?

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Disclosure : I'm currently using a Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and a WeightWatchers Online subscription, in return for honest feedback. I also receive regular hampers of WeightWatchers products, and have also benefited from a one-month Jenny Craig trial.

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  1. Well done, you're doing great! (rather jealous where I only started this week)

    1. I've been going nearly a year so I'm taking my time - it's a bit disheartening when you see people say they've lost a stone in a fortnight but there you go, we all lose at different rates I think ! :)

  2. Well done Cheryl, really plaesed for you. Your week sounded a bit like mine, but at least you managed to turn it around. Good luck in reaching 80 point something. xx

  3. yay well done! I know all about the blog baking after this weekend, am dreading next week :) Slow and steady is the best way, less chance of putting it back

  4. Well done :)
    I'm on my way to losing my first stone. It's taken me 5 weeks which is quite slow for me (I have 10 stone to lose so the first one usually comes off quite quickly) but I'm looking at it as a good sign. This time, I'm going to lose it gradually and keep it off :)

    Good luck for your next weigh in :) xx

    1. Wow, I'd love to lose a stone in 5 weeks ! lol Good luck, you're off to a fab start xx

  5. Well done - i wouldnt be able to resist ben and jerrys either, love it!


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