Saturday 15 September 2012

Zero Zebra Rice Milk Bar review

One of the snacks that we received in our free-from taster box from Ocado was a Zero Zebra Rice Milk Bar, which was something I'd never heard of. It's actually been sitting around in the box for a while because it didn't really leap out at me saying "eat me!" because I had no idea what to expect. The label says it has Organic Couverture Chocolate and is a Rice Milk Bar with Strawberry, explaining underneath "no milk, soy, egg, nuts, gluten or any other allergens".

I was expecting some sort of pink milky strawberry centre covered in dairy-free chocolate but what you actually get is solid, chunky chocolate. If you look really closely it has small fragments of strawberry studded throughout. It tastes just like regular milk chocolate with a definite strawberry taste coming through and I'd never have known it was made with rice milk instead of cows' milk if I hadn't read the label.

Each 35g bar can be broken into 6 bite sized pieces, making it perfect for sharing (or eating in several sittings, if you have enough willpower !). The whole bar contains 204 calories and 14g of fat. The ingredients list is reassuringly short - raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice syrup (16%), cocoa mass, strawberry (5%), vanilla. No nasty E-numbers or artificial additives lurking in there. It is also 100% organic and 83% Fairtrade certified. It contains minimum 48% cocoa.

If you are looking for a dairy-free chocolate bar, you need look no further. Even with no special dietary requirements, I'd be more than happy to eat these because they're totally delicious. The only bad thing is the price - at £1.49 for a 35g bar, it's quite pricey.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.49 for 35g

Disclosure : I received a selection of goodies from the Ocado Free-From Shop to see some of what is on offer. I'll be posting honest reviews of these products over the coming weeks.

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  1. Replies
    1. No, I put the Ocado link because they were the ones who sent it to me for review but you can buy them in various places - google Zero Zebra to find out more. I would guess it would be mostly health food shops that stock them.

  2. the packaging is really eye catching, its nice to see a product of this kind aimed at children


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