Wednesday 26 September 2012

Who said you had to give up cake when watching your weight ?!

Certainly not WeightWatchers ! I had to fight the Madhouse Mini-testers off when they saw the contents of my latest hamper ! :

o   Oaty chocolate chip mini cookies

o   Oat wheat crackers - herb and onion
o   Sicilian lemon and elderflower cordial
o   Fruit Crumble Biscuits (Apple, Apricot and Peach)
o   Roasted garlic cooking sauce
o   Blueberry slice
o   Jaffa mini roll
o   Fresh and Easy Everyday cookbook

I have to say, I'm really enjoying using the WeightWatchers Online programme. I thought it would be a chore tracking ProPoints in everything I eat but it's actually great fun - and it is also quite illuminating, when you want to eat something you know you probably shouldn't and can check how many points it will cost you. More than a few times, it's put me off eating my usual chocolate  bar when I discovered how many ProPoints it contains, substituting it instead for one of the equally tasty and satisfying low point WeightWatchers snacks. I also love the weekly weight tracker and the recipe section is brilliant too. There's a lively forum that I have to admit I lurk in, never having the time to get involved, but it's full of interesting discussions and ideas too.

I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes in the new recipe book, and I'll be back with reviews of all the new products too, of course !

Disclosure : I have been given a year's membership to Weight Watchers Online and receive monthly hampers of products in return for honest reviews.

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  1. So jealous! I could do with something like that to help me lose weight right now, although not sure I have the self control not to ram all the cakes in my mouth all at once!

  2. the Sicilian lemon and elderflower cordial sounds lovely

    1. Haven't tried that one yet but it does sound nice - I'll let you know !


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