Wednesday 30 July 2014

Elastoplast Aqua Protect plasters review

One of the great mysteries of The Madhouse is where all the plasters go. I seem to be constantly buying boxloads of them but, whenever I cut my finger or get a blister and go looking for one, there are never any left ! I suppose that with three kids in the house - two under-10's who love running around in the park and whizzing around on scooters and bikes which results in the inevitable grazed knees and hands and a teen who seems to be constantly breaking in new shoes and getting nasty blisters on her heels - it's all par for the course. Needless to say, I was very pleased when Elastoplast sent me through some of their Aqua Protect plasters to review.

Sure enough, within one day of them arriving, Juliette came looking for a plaster for her hand where she'd grazed it playing outside ! I grabbed one from the pack and was instantly impressed on a number of levels - firstly, they're easy to get out of the paper (which isn't always the case so you can end up twisting and deforming the plaster before you've even got it on the skin), secondly they stick really well and thirdly they create a really good seal. They look quite discreet too (although anything is discreet compared to the bright yellow penguin-shaped plasters that I usually end up having to use because it's all that's left !).

I'm never very impressed with waterproof plasters because, quite frankly, they usually don't work. Elastoplast say : "Exposure to water and dirt can not only slow down healing, but can also lead to infection of the wound. Therefore, it is important to keep the wound well protected to ensure the best conditions for healing to take place." Great in theory but would they succeed where so many others have failed? Well, in a word, yes !  I was impressed to see that the Elastoplast Aqua Protect plaster resisted hand washing but I was even more impressed, not to say totally suprised, when Juliette jumped in the bath and, half an hour and a lot of "swimming" and splashing later, it was still firmly in place. Even after towelling her off, it still stayed put which is impressive indeed.

As well as being perfectly waterproof, they are elastic and breathable. They come in regular shapes and also a special Hand Pack which has been especially designed in ergonomic shapes for fingers, knuckles and fingertips, with finger strips that are extra-long for better hold, butterfly shapes to protect the fingers and rectangular plasters for other small wounds.

They are more expensive than the bargain basement plasters I generally buy in bulk, but they are a lot more efficient and, as one plaster stays in place and doesn't need replacing every five minutes when it stops sticking, I'll need to buy a lot less, reducing the price difference.

I'll definitely be popping some of these in my suitcase this year so that, should the kids cut themselves on holiday, I know that they'll be protected even in the swimming pool.

If you fancy giving them a go for yourselves, I'll be giving some away in my next blogpost.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.36

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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