Tuesday 15 July 2014

Madhouse diaries : Geocaching got hijacked again !

Today we headed off on a geocaching adventure around a wooded lake called Puythouck. It's a lovely walk and we've been there before but without geocaching. Well, guess what, we still haven't done any geoacaching there because we kept getting sidetracked ! First we wandered around the woodland paths - Sophie loved the perspective because she said it looked like a letter O. I must admit, it does look a bit like a Dr Who style vortex !

 "There's a geocache 400m down here" I said. "Oooooh there's a play area, can we go there first Mum ?"! Oh go on then ... !

Then, while the kids were playing, I noticed a sign for an "educational orchard" that was free to go into and you were even allowed to eat the berries off the bushes (but not the apples and pears) ! We started off tasting redcurrants.

Pierre was very impressed to see apples and pears on trees rather than on supermarket shelves and market stalls !

We moved on to blackcurrants.

Then we ate loads of raspberries until we discovered a couple with worms in that put everyone off !

We looked for the Frog Princess in the lily pads. Didn't find her, or even any frogs.

Then, rather than heading back to the wooded area for the geocaching, we went to the lake to watch people learning to windsurf. The kids (oh ok, it might have been me !) thought it was hilarious when they kept falling in or ending up on the far side of the lake and not knowing how to get back against the wind !

I had a quick look for a geocache in this area but failed to find it, although I did unearth an interesting stripy caterpillar.

We walked all around the lake and spotted a pretty bridge.

I dreamed about spending a quiet hour or two bobbing about on a little boat in the middle of the calm lake. Then I was rapidly brought back to reality by some rather loud squeals.

The kids discovered some sports equipment and had a play.

Just as I thought we could head back to the geocaching area, we discovered that today was a "summer at Puythouck" day and that there were loads of free activities for the kids - table tennis, swingball, mini football goals, a big sandpit and, the main attraction, a big trampoline.

Pierre discovered the toddlers area with lots of "indoor toys" like Lego and a play kitchen set up outside. He loved the play house, until he saw a spider in there !

So we moved on to the mini golf instead.

Pierre had a very unusual technique, like a cross between croquet and billiards, but he still managed to get a few in the holes and got very excited !

So, a grand total of zero geocaches to add to my total but there were lots of smiles and happy memories which more than makes up for it !

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  1. sounds like a fab day, and it still got you all out for fresh air, exercise and lots and lots of fun, you will need to go back another day and try for the caches


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