Tuesday 22 July 2014

Kids in the Kitchen Foodie Fun

You may remember me telling you about the fun we had last week with our Betta Living Kids In The Kitchen box of goodies. Well, with all the storms we've been having recently, I decided not to risk going out with the kids yesterday so we dipped in for some more fun, this time with a foodie theme.

First of all, we made ice lollies. I was amazed at just how fascinating they found such a simple activity. The Vimto Squeezy squash is great for this because it is ultra-concentrated so you only need a tiny bit to get a lovely strong flavour. (It also has the added bonus of being sugar free.)

The ice lolly moulds were a bit leaky so I put a plastic box underneath - definitely a good idea if you don't want splashes of frozen juice in the freezer !

By late afternoon, they were ready to eat. Huge smiles for an activity that costs pennies and takes minutes.

Pierre had spotted something else in the box - a pizza kit. (You may have noticed he's changed his T-shirt - the only downside of the ice lollies was that they were very drippy !)

He helped make the dough for the bases and roll it out.

Then everyone added the toppings of their choice - onions, mushrooms, bacon, sweetcorn, olives, cherry tomatoes, herbs, cheese ...

There's something very gratifying about making a pizza from scratch.

And it's even better when the fun in the kitchen feeds the whole family for tea !

So that's number 14 "Cool Down With Homemade Ice Lollies" and number 17 "Make Your Own Dough" ticked off. To find out more about the activities, designed to help you have fun on a budget during the holidays, check out my blogpost about the Kids In The Kitchen campaign here.

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  1. great fun! will give this a try during the summer hols, thanks :)


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