Wednesday 30 July 2014

How much fun can you have with wooden spoons?!

Well, Karen Carpenter may have warbled that rainy days and Sundays always got her down, but she obviously didn't have a Betta Living Kids in the Kitchen box to dip into ! When we woke up to a grey, drizzly day, that's where we headed for inspiration and came up with ... a bunch of wooden spoons !

I showed the picture to the Madhouse Mini-testers for inspiration and gave them free reign to get creative.

Well, I think Pierre was going for a close up of a gorilla's armpit ! He was very proud of all the jungle stickers he'd found to stick on the handle though !

Front and back no less !

Meanwhile, Sophie proved that she's totally mad about One Direction (or quite possibly just totally mad !) and made one that was supposed to represent ...

... Harry Styles ! Harry Stirs would be more like it !

I threw some funky pipecleaners into the mix and ... ahem ... Sophie decided to give her glasses a makeover . Nice look, Sophie !!

And Pierre added arms (maybe?!) to his crazy spoon. He was so proud of it and made me take a photo for the blog !!

Juliette gets the prize for the most human-looking spoon though.

He even has arms and legs so she made him dance all over the table !

If you don't have a well-stocked craft cupboard, I would strongly recommend buying up some packs of random bits and bobs - the kids had great fun discovering the (ahem) furry balls, pipe cleaners and jungle stickers in this pack and it took their imaginations to places I would never have dreamed of !

There was another activity idea for the wooden spoons in the box but that involved banging saucepans with them as a drumset so I decided to give that one a miss for now - the kids are noisy enough as it is !

To find out more about the other activities, designed by Betta Living to help you have fun on a budget during the holidays, check out my blogpost about the Kids In The Kitchen campaign here.

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