Saturday 7 May 2011

Coeliac Awareness Week - 16-22 May 2011 - Could you do the gluten-free challenge for a week ?

I'm always amazed at how many of my blog comments come from people who have to follow a gluten-free diet. In honour of Coeliac Awareness Week, and to help you all out, I've added a new "gluten-free" label so if you click on that at the bottom of any related posts or in the labels list in the right-hand sidebar, that'll show you all the gluten-free products I've reviewed on my blog.

Coeliac Awareness Week, which takes place later this month, is all about raising awareness of the coeliac condition. Throughout the year, Juvela (whose yummy gluten-free brownies I reviewed recently here) work closely with doctors surgeries, pharmacies and healthcare professionals to raise awareness of the condition to improve diagnosis.

The 'Thinking IBS' campaign is aimed at the 1 in 25 people who have been diagnosed with IBS and could actually be coeliac, asking them to 'think again' and to request a simple blood test from their GP. They are also running a 'Could this be you?' campaign, raising awareness of the variety of symptoms people with coeliac disease can have and you can ask for an information booklet at your doctor's surgery.

This year Coeliac UK are challenging non-coeliacs to live gluten-free for a week! The Gluten-free Challenge is designed to help people understand what it is like to be a coeliac and live on a gluten-free diet.

So would you be willing to live gluten-free for a week? If so, go to their website for more information :

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  1. hi,
    this may interest anyone wanting to try it, the thoughts of someone whos tried it.

    I do it all the time myself, i know no different having been on the diet for nearly 33 years!

  2. Due to Colitis I'm now having to consider a diet revamp (reluctantly)- perhaps gluten-free might be the way forward. Great post, and informative, thank you xx


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