Saturday 21 May 2011

The Gammon Company - Gammon with Caramelized Pineapple review

Different people have different comfort foods but mine are anything that remind me of being a kid. Back in the seventies, that meant jelly and ice cream, Birds trifle, Black Forest gateau, arctic rolls, Spam fritters ...yum, I'm salivating here ! I therefore got stupidly excited when I heard about The Gammon Company putting gammon back on the menu and, even better, giving me the opportunity to receive some to review !

The girls had never tried gammon before or obviously heard of it. Sophie told me she thought she wouldn't like it, convinced it would be fishy (because it sounds like salmon) and grinned with relief when it arrived on the table, saying "Oh, it's round bacon" ! The whole family loved it, even 22-month-old¨Pierre, who often spits out meat that he finds too hard to chew.
We tried out the Caramelized Pineapple Gammon, which was absolutely delicious. I love the sweetness and the saltiness which complement each other perfectly and really reminded me of my childhood meals - it was either gammon and pineapple or gammon with an egg on top back then. The Gammon Company have come up with a modern twist, also offering the steaks with a Honey & Mustard sauce.

I served the gammon with buttery mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots but I've been told it also goes really nicely with red cabbage. As a busy working mum, I love the fact that it's so quick and simple to prepare too - it only takes ten minutes to cook and is a much healthier option than many quick-to-prepare convenience foods which are the easy option when you rush in from work and the kids are hungry.

We'll definitely be buying the steaks again and the website announces that there will be more products on the way soon so I'm really excited to see what else they'll be rolling out. If you're keen to try them, pop along to your local Tesco (where they're exclusively available) where they're on special offer at the moment.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.19 for 290g (but currently £5 for 2 packs)

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  1. These sound lovely not had Gammon and Pineapple for ages!

    I must remember to order some this week when I do my Tesco Shopping

    many thanks for the review, can't wait to taste them myself

  2. I'm a huge lover of Gammon, this lots great... added to shopping list

    Great review x

  3. I hadn't eaten it for ages either. But it's one of those things that when you eat it, you wonder why you ever stopped buying it/why the supermarkets stopped selling it. I love the time factor :)

  4. ooo these look delish! i love gammon, never had it with pinapple though

  5. Oh you have to, they go really well together :)


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