Sunday 8 May 2011

Surcare laundry products review

With three kids under ten in the house, one thing I spend a lot of my time doing is laundry so I never say no when I'm asked if I'd like to receive some detergent to review. This time, it was Surcare who kindly offered to send me some of their products.

Now, I already knew a little bit about Surcare. I know that they use no perfumes or dyes so they are kind to skin and particularly good for anyone suffering from eczema, psoriasis or allergies. Surcare are now trying to conquer a bigger market though, pointing out that as well as being good for sensitive skin, this is also better for the environment.

We received a bottle of their Super-Concentrated Laundry Liquid, Concentrated Fabric Conditioner and Washing-up Liquid to try out, but if you prefer other formats, it's also available as tablets or powder. Surcare promise that the non-biological powder, liquid and tablets provide excellent cleaning results at 30 degrees, which is another plus point for the environment.

I decided to do a load of washing at 30 degrees to see what I'd think of the results and I found it to be as efficient as other big brands. It didn't completely remove all the poo stains where Pierre's nappy had leaked but none of the other brands do either.

I have to say, I was slightly disappointed by the fabric conditioner, not because it doesn't leave clothes feeling soft but because I am a total fragrance-junkie and love having beautifully-perfumed washing to fold up and put away. It felt like there was something lacking or that the washing wasn't totally clean when it came out of the machine smelling of nothing. But I do understand that if you have sensitive skin or allergies, this fragrance-free formula will be a huge plus point.

The same is true for the washing-up liquid. It works well and gets your dishes lovely and clean without drying your hands out or leaving your skin feeling irritated, but I did miss the bright colours and zesty fragrances of the products that I usually use to brighten up my time spent at the sink. But, again, I know people who suffer with eczema who are always on the lookout for fragrance-free products that won't cause a skin flare-up.

On the subject of Surcare, they recently carried out a survey about what makes us Brits happy and the results make interesting, not to mention heart-warming, reading. They explain : "We might bicker, wind each other up and wear each other out, but a survey conducted by Surcare, the perfume and dye free laundry range, has revealed that spending time with family is our favourite way to make us smile. More than a quarter of Brits voted their family as their top reason to be cheerful. A further 29% of us described a perfect day as one spent with family, in comparison with just 8% choosing to spend it with friends.

However, when it comes to needing a quick pick-me-up when feeling blue, the nurturing effect of family shared the top spot with a chocolate hit! As well as family and chocolate, sunshine and fresh air are also cited as happiness boosts with a fifth revealing that sunshine is our favourite free reason to be cheerful. And perhaps we’re more active than we’re given credit for, with almost a quarter of us saying that a walk in the country would be a favourite way to pass a day.

And if we had a genie in a bottle to grant us a single wish, we’re not as shallow as one might imagine. The survey showed that wealth, careers and good looks are swept aside in favour of happiness and health. 34% of us would wish for happiness above all else, whilst 29% of us would wish for good health. Hayley Blackwell, Surcare brand manager, comments; “Brits are not renowned for being overly family orientated, especially compared to some of our European counterparts, but when it comes to making us happy the company and support our families give, ranks way above anything else.” "

Right, time to stop reviewing and doing laundry and get out in the sunshine with the kids instead !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : washing up liquid 88p for 450ml, fabric conditioner £1.73 for 1L, superconcentrated liquid wash £2.99 for 630ml

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  1. ive never heard of this brand, although after your review i dont think i am that tempted to try it! think ill stick to comfort!

  2. I used it once, wash in 30 degrees and results - powder on clothes. I had to wash it again and I used another brand powder!

  3. i used to use this too, wasn't overally impressed!

  4. Thanks for the review know to avoid trying this

  5. I wasnt very impressed when I used the fabric conditioner...I didnt particularly like the smell

  6. Following you on FB (Mary Chez)


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