Thursday 26 May 2011

Awww I got a Butterfly Award for the coolest blog I ever know !

Last week, I was very chuffed to learn that I'd been awarded a Butterfly Award "for the coolest blog I ever know" from the lovely Danielle Jordan Terry over at Tinks Tales. If you've never been over there, it's well worth a visit. Not only is Dani very lovely and bubbly, she has some amazing photos (the model pics are absolutely stunning).

Now, the rules of the award are :

1. Write a random fact about yourself

2. Pass The Award On To Five Bloggers

3. Notify The Bloggers Who Got It

OK - for my random fact about myself - during my life so far, I've lived in eleven different houses in three countries. I started out in Hastings, Sussex (three addresses) as a kid, went to Swansea for uni (two addresses) with a year in Brest, Brittany in halls of residence there. After graduating, back to Brest for a few years (three addresses), then a move to Dunkirk, Northern France (2 addresses). Now we split our time between England and France. Phew !

Now, time to choose some lovely bloggers to pass the award on to :

1) Red Ted Art's blog - my first place to call on a rainy afternoon when I want to find an idea for keeping the kids entertained with random stuff I usually have lying about the house !

2) Me and my shadow - Miss Lizzie's blog which inspires me with craft ideas for me to try out, as well as showing the great second-hand bargains you can pick up on her Magpie Mondays

3) I know, I need to stop talking ... - has me in hysterics because she blogs about all those bits of parenting that make you cringe and keep quiet about !

4) Ninja Killer Cat - the only reviews blog I know that is written by a cat ! Hilarious feline photos which make me smile.

5) Confessions of a Compaholic - which should be renamed Confessions of a Weightloss-aholic because her slimming journey is an inspiration to us all (or at least anyone trying to lose weight!)

Well done ladies, who's next ? ...

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