Wednesday 18 May 2011

[A'kin] pureBaby Peaceful Calming Mist review

Since being a beauty blogger for My Pure, I've tried out several products made by [A'kin], in particular their hair products, and I've been consistently impressed, but this is the first time I've tried anything from their range of baby products. I opted for the optimistically-named Peaceful Calming Mist.

The blurb on the website describes this as : "a unique, gentle blend of chamomile, aloe vera, lavender, cornflower & pro vitamin B5 which help provide calming, soothing & cooling relief to your baby’s skin. Enriched with the scent of lavender & chamomile it also doubles as a room spray to help soothe & calm your baby. This spray promotes a restful sleep for your baby (and you!)". Sounds perfect !

It comes out as a very fine spray which instantly cools the skin without leaving you soaked. You can rub it into your skin with one swipe where it totally disappears, leaving no stickiness or greasiness at all, just a lovely sensation of coolness and a delicate fragrance. This would be absolutely perfect for hot summer days when your little one (or in fact anyone - babies, kids and adults alike could benefit from this cooling spray) needs a quick spritz to help beat the heat. It's instantly cooling without leaving a feeling of wetness that you get with water vaporisers.

If I was planning on going through childbirth again any time soon (which I'm not !), I would also definitely put one of these in my hospital bag as the cooling mist combined with the soothing fragrance would be ideal to cool foreheads and tempers. Toddlers going through the terrible twos (and threes and fours and fives ... !) who need to calm down after a huge temper tantrum or grizzly babies with fevers would also be perfect candidates for using the spray.

The product is packed full of natural ingredients and is paraben and sulfate free. This will definitely be a permanent fixture in my pushchair bag over the summer months for cooling down overheating kiddies (my own, nobody else's, I hasten to add !) at the park, but it will also be making frequent trips to the bedroom for those times when tempers fray or someone's feeling poorly and a little spritzer of peacefulness and calm is just what the doctor ordered !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £8.99 for 125ml

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  1. £9 is quite expensive in my opinion, although if it worked calming a screaming toddler, maybe its worth the money! hehehe

  2. LOL Definitely !! You do only need a little spray each time too so it should last for ages. And I often find the natural/organic options are more expensive than products packed with chemical nasties. It is quite expensive though.


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