Saturday 7 May 2011

Provamel 'Botanical' soya yogurt review

I love the way writing this blog has made subtle changes to our eating habits as a family. I always used to turn my nose up at soya-based products, thinking I'd hate them, but after reviewing some rather delicious desserts from Alpro Soya (a review you can read here), my viewpoint has totally changed. When Provamel asked me if I'd like to try out their new range of 'Botanical' yogurts, I told them we'd love to.

I have to admit, on paper, I wasn't entirely convinced I'd like them. The new range is described as "a radical fusion of natural herbal remedies muddled with delicious fruits" and, while I'm happy to use natural remedies when needed, I wasn't 100% sure about adding them to yogurt. Would it spoil the taste ?

The two flavours sound very intriguing - Apple Green Tea and Lime Lemon Balm. They come in big 500g pots so, being unsure whether we'd like them or not, I have to say that I'd have avoided buying a pot that big in case we didn't. That's a lot of yoghurt to throw away if nobody likes it !

I do like the choice of ingredients. Provamel explain : "High in antioxidants, green tea is widely known for its ability to boost metabolism, whilst lemon balm has long been recognised as a great reliever of tension." On top of this, the yogurts themselves are really good for you. They are low in fat and rich in plant protein and Provamel explain that they use "the goodness of the whole soya bean to ensure you get the best of the nutrient-rich, organic soya beans – a great source of protein, soluble fibre and vitamins".

So, on to the all-important taste test. Well, I have to admit, I loved the flavours - the lemon/lime one is really zesty and refreshing and the apple one tastes really appley, like real apples, not artificial apple-flavour - but I found the texture to be a bit thick and gloopy to my liking. Sophie absolutely loved them both though, eating an entire 500g pot in two sittings ! As 100g only contains 73 calories, that's still not bad at all.

They are dairy-free so would be a great alternative to yogurt for anyone who is lactose-intolerant or allergic to cows' milk protein, but they also make an interesting change for anyone looking for new tastes or healthy alternatives to try. The range is brand new this month and there will be a new flavour (involving plums, judging by the press release) later in the year.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.55 for 500g

for more information :

available at Holland & Barrett and all major health food stores

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  1. The lemoney one sounds yummy!

  2. Very appetising yoghurts. Sound brill!

  3. The Apple Green Tea one sounds interesting!! My son can't have dairy, so we are always looking for alternatives - I haven't tried these ones before!! I'll give it a go, thanks x

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