Thursday 26 May 2011

Zhu-Zhu Cow Plush Microwaveable Slipper Boots review

Thanks to the lovely Sylvie at Fuel My Blog, I was recently given the chance to try out one of the products from Zhu-Zhu. Now, I have to admit, my immediate reaction was the same as the girls - I instantly thought of Zhu-Zhu Pets, the cute little hamster toys that they have been hankering after for months ! But no, there's not a hamster in sight. Just cows, as I chose the Cow Plush Microwaveable Slipper Boots to review !

As the website explains, "Zhu-Zhu specialise in Herbal Heat Pack Wheat Bags and are constantly introducing new heat pads, microwavable slippers and other wheat bag products at affordable prices to ensure we offer the most comprehensive range available. We are UK based, offering quality items at prices on heat pads and other microwave products far cheaper than the high street."

Now, I have a very warped taste in slippers - I've had gorillas, rabbits and monster feet in my time ! - so the cow print slipper boots immediately appealed to me, just as regular slippers. You wear them as
long boots or roll the tops down if you prefer. They're lovely and soft and snuggly and great for lounging around the house keeping your feet warm.

But they're more than just ordinary slippers because they contain wheat in the soles so that you can heat them in the microwave for 90 seconds (no more or they'll end up smelling of burnt popcorn !). If you have cold feet or aching feet, they are incredibly soothing and warming and I love putting them on as a lovely way of getting into wind-down mode after a long day at work. As well as wheat, the slippers contain lavender leaf which releases a lovely relaxing fragrance when you heat them up.

The manufacturers explain : "A microwave wheat bag is a relaxing way to release stress and everyday aches and pains. Simply heat in a microwave and apply to tired joints and muscles and enjoy the soothing warmth. Our range of wheat bags and wheat cushions are a convenient method of applying heat therapy which has been shown to be an effective method for reducing muscle pain and reducing muscle and joint stiffness. They may soothe frozen shoulder and neck pains, give comfort to back or stomach pains, and ease arthritic pain."

They are lovely and soothing if you're sitting around on the sofa with your feet up, but the wheat is in the soles which makes it difficult and slightly uncomfortable to actually walk around in for more than a couple of minutes. They stay warm for about half an hour but you can pop them back into the microwave for another quick zap if your feet are still cold. I did wonder how hygienic it is to put slippers that have been on your feet and on the floor into a microwave that you will be using to heat food in, so that's another reason to keep them off the floor - and you might want to wash your feet or wear socks before putting them on !

You may also be thinking that this is totally the wrong season to be investing in fluffy microwavable slippers to warm your feet up (although the weather has gone decidedly autumnal today) but they can also be used to cool your feet down. Zhu-Zhu explain that wheat bags can also be chilled in a freezer and used as a cold compress to ease sprains, swelling, bruising, headaches and sports injuries. Or just cool down hot sweaty feet !

They're easy to buy as a gift as they are one size fits all (or one size fits most feet, as they say), with the slipper boots being suitable for sizes 3-8.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £14.99 (but currently £12.99)

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  1. Sure I'd get a few laughs walking with these in the house - but with the feet being so warm the laugh would be on them! @maisietoo

    (Following with GFC as Maisie (M.) but GFC bit is missing and can only post as Anonymous!)

  2. Love these sort of things, so quirky

  3. These seem so wrong but it the same breath so right! I bet once you have a pair you would not be parted with them, great for poor circulation.

  4. I saw those on Fuel your blog as well and was really curious!

    Your review answered my two questions though: the one on the hygiene part, as well as the one about warming the feet in the (near) summertime. It is good to know they can be used cooled!

  5. how cool are these, my sister would love these!

  6. I have a pair of these, though not the funky cow print design, and they are lovely if you are sitting down but you can't walk around in them, so you have to keep taking them off!


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