Tuesday 17 May 2011

Light Philadelphia Grilled Peppers Soft Cheese review

Philadelphia is a store cupboard (or, in this case, fridge) basic here at The Madhouse. It's so versatile and is great for creating instant meals. It immediately creates a great base for sandwiches and wraps and I love putting a dollop on top of a baked potato, in place of less healthy options like butter or sour cream.

When the lovely people at Philadelphia sent me through a tub of classic Philadelphia, to try out some of their new recipes, as well as a tub of new variety Grilled Peppers, I glanced at them distractedly and threw them in the fridge. For some reason, my brain just assumed that the new flavour was black pepper - just about everything seems to be flavoured with black pepper at the moment, and not just ground black pepper but "cracked "black pepper. Does it really make a difference ?!

Anyway, I thought it would probably taste nice but wasn't very original so when I peeled off the foil lid, I did a double take on seeing the pale salmony-pink colour and few red flecks. A closer look at the lid revealed that this is not boring black pepper, it's GRILLED peppers! Ooooh, interesting.

I immediately tried some out as an instant dip with carrot sticks and bread sticks - delicious. Sophie put some in a wrap with leftover cold roast chicken and tomatoes and declared it yummy. I also want to try this stirred through hot pasta and as a stuffing for cherry tomatoes when the in laws come over and I need some impressive-looking nibbles !

It's just as creamy and delicate as the original Philly cheese but the peppers add lovely smokiness and sweetness, not to mention colour. Even better is that it's "Light" - a 30g serving only contains 44 calories and 3.1g of fat. I'm excited to see that there is another new flavour on the market too - Sundried Tomato & Basil - so I'll definitely be trying that out too.

If you go to their facebook page (here), you can apparently get a £1 off voucher which makes this a fantastic bargain too !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.47 for 200g

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  1. Good stuff... I'm having this with pasta with cherry toms and chicken, fried in a pan of olive oil and a (shitload!!) of garlic. Mmmmmmmmm


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