Monday 16 May 2011

TOPPS 2011 Premier League Sticker Collection review

When I was asked if I'd like to review the new TOPPS 2011 Premier League Sticker Collection, I initially thought I'd turn them down because the girls have no interest whatsoever in football. Then Sophie wandered past and asked me if I'd had any emails with new things to review (she's got the reviewing bug already - the next generation of bloggers is ready and waiting in the wings for when I get old and decrepit !) and when I mentioned the sticker albums, she squealed "ooooh say yes, it doesn't matter if it's football, it'll still be good fun" !

Well, as you can see, she was quite right. Both Juliette and Sophie sat down, happily ripping open packets and finding the right places in the album to stick them in, even though they had no idea who any of them were ! It was actually quite educational for Juliette as she had to recognise the numbers and work out where they would be in the book - added bonus !

Topps explain : "The new look 2011 collection, which will cost 50p for a pack of six, comprises of over 450 stickers and in true Topps style will include club information, fun facts, and player statistics making it not only a sticker collection but a comprehensive guide to the 2010/11 Barclays Premier League season. As if the latest statistics, facts and the 3D stickers weren’t enough, the 2011 collection also includes an extra new Topps feature, a look back at some of the Premiership heroes of the past. Each team is now not complete until a special legend has been found including players such as Arsenal’s Thierry Henry, Tottenham’s David Ginola and Liverpool’s Robbie Fowler."

Hold on, rewind there a second - did someone say 3D ? Yes indeed, you get a funky pair of 3D glasses with your sticker book that really "bring to life" the special 3D stickers and pictures in the book. The girls got incredibly excited about this, so I can imagine how fantastic a real soccer fan would find this. I had to have a giggle because I wandered in on Madhouse Daddy Mike surreptitiously flicking through the album with the 3D glasses on his nose when the girls were in bed !

Topps (previously known as Merlin until 1995 - aah that's the ones I remember from my youth !) is the only official sticker collection of the Premier League and is the best selling domestic football collection in the world. Any little football fan will have hours of fun reading up about their sporting heroes and swapping doubles with their friends in the playground.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : album £1.99, stickers 50p for a pack of 6

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  1. the problem i find with these sticker books is you are always missing one or 2 and can never seem to get them lol

  2. Agreed ! Although you used to be able to buy the specific stickers you needed to finish your collection, I don't know if you still can.

  3. Hey- I spotted this on Google Images and curiously clicked on this review, I'm impressed! Well funny and hope you do more Football reviews!


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