Tuesday 31 May 2011

My Mini Baby Born Ambulance Car review

As an adult, I have to admit I was a bit puzzled when I looked at the information about this ambulance playset. It's from Mini Baby Born and the key word in there for me is "baby". I had visions of a burbling (or maybe grizzly, as it's an ambulance) baby for little girls to be "mummy" to and look after. But no, this baby has mastered the art of walking, talking and getting a nursing qualification and is ready to jump in the ambulance and head off to Toy Town. Wow, that's one clever baby !

This didn't bother 6-year-old Juliette in the slightest though and she happily started playing with the ambulance and the doll, making up stories and rushing her injured toys off to hospital. I breathed a sigh of relief because for once, it wasn't me who had to act as a patient or a nurse with a constant stream of injuries to deal with !

Now, I've just had a look at the write-up on amazon and this is where I get a slapped wrist - she's not a nurse, she's a doctor. Now why did naughty mummy assume that she'd be a nurse just because she's a girl ? She comes complete with a doctor's bag and a stretcher and, if you want, you can buy additional "patient dolls" that are perfectly sized for fitting in the ambulance, as well as a hospital playset. Juliette is quite happy to use all sorts of soft toys, Little People, Playmobil people and small dolls as injured parties though.

I thought making the ambulance pink was a bad marketing move - I'm sure little boys would love to play with the ambulance too so why make it so decidedly girly ? - but Juliette said she loved it and it was the prettiest ambulance she'd ever seen. She also loves the fact that when you push the steering wheel, it makes a siren sound.

The ambulance and doll set has a RRP of £12.99 but - get this ! - you can currently get one on amazon for an amazing £3.99 ! Quick, stock up now for Christmases, birthdays and any little girls' parties you have coming up this year !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £12.99 but currently £3.99 on amazon !

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  1. looks great especially for the amazon price!

  2. mine arrived earlier this week, amazon emails are always worth checking for bargains! will be putting this away for my little girls birthday in August

  3. my 3 yr old does the 'i want that' thing everytime a toy advert comes on tv !! she does like her baby borns though, and like you i would have expected it to be 'babyish' but 3.99 does sound like a bit of a bargain ... maybe i should get one to shove in the'present cupboard' ?


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