Friday 13 May 2011

Glorious Soup review

Just call me Mystic Meg but after one of the teams making soup on The Apprentice last night, I bet would-be entrepreneurs all over the country will suddenly think that's a great way of making a swift buck ! However, if they follow the same "just bung in a load of tomatoes and red peppers, it won't kill them even if it tastes horrible" approach, you'd be much better off trying out the fabulously fragrant and exotically-spiced wholesome soups from Glorious.

I've been trying out the whole range over the past few weeks and they are all really tasty, authentic, wholesome and filling meals-in-a-bowl, bursting with flavour and goodness. I may sound like an advert but they really are that good. They're so chunky, you don't need to add anything except a spoon and a hunk of bread if you want to mop up every last drop and, even better, you can freeze them and cook them from frozen if you need an instant supper.

Just reading the labels gives you the impression that you're perusing the menu in a wonderfully eclectic and innovative restaurant. Lentil & tomato, Butternut Squash, Tuscan Chicken & Orzo, Tomato Rice & Ginger, Sausage & Bean, Sunny Thai Chicken ... and that's just the ones I received to sample. They have an A-Z on their website to allow you to discover the wealth of different flavours and ingredients.

Even better is that they're not just delicious, they're healthy. The award-winning soups have recently been endorsed as a healthy and convenient meal choice for new mums. They explain : "The GLORIOUS!® soups have been approved to feature in the new Government-backed publication called ‘You & Your Family’ which has also been endorsed by The Royal College of Obstetricians, The Soil Association and The NHS. All featured products (such as the GLORIOUS!® range) have been carefully selected to guide mums in the right direction when making choices concerning health, food, nutrition and wellbeing."

They've even come up with a satisfying but low-fat range of Skinny Soups. Forget the faddy Cabbage Soup Diet, this is the way to go if you're trying to lose a few pounds in time for the skimpier summer clothes ! The Skinny Soup also provides one of the recommended daily servings of vegetables.

I was actually really surprised at how cheap they are, given the quality of the ingredients and the size of the pot. I'll definitely keep buying these.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99

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  1. Hmm I like soup, but usually on their own i find them not filling enough. But if you say they are well, thumbs up for them! I like the sound of the Butternut Sqash one!

  2. I have never tried this brand! Will probably do...

  3. ooooh, these sounds delish!!

  4. Oooh wow these sound yummy, they sure do look it - brilliant review :) xx

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