Wednesday 4 May 2011

Daddy’s BabyBathtime Kit - The perfect gift for hands-on daddies

I think this is a fantastic idea and would make the perfect gift for any new dads on their first ever Fathers' Day. Maybe the company should change their name from MamaBabyBliss to DadaBabyBliss !


Research has shown that fathers can feel alienated from the whole parenting experience in those first few months. Bathtime is a special time where daddy can really get involved and enjoy some special bonding time with baby, which is why MamaBabyBliss has launched the Daddy’s BabyBathtime Kit.

Consisting of the award-winning Splash Baby Bath, Hugs Baby Massage Oil, a cute rubber duck, soft flannel and special Dad’s Baby Massage Guide, this is the gift that every new hands-on daddy will want for Father’s Day this year. What’s more, the kit comes in a high quality washbag that Daddy can keep for himself!

Babies are so precious and deserve only the gentlest and kindest of products. The MamaBabyBliss DaddyBaby Bathtime Kit is the newest product to the range to ensure all those daddies out there can pamper their little one with a range of natural and paediatrician-approved products that contain absolutely no chemical nasties!

Justina Perry, founder of MamaBabyBliss comments, “We run regular PapaBliss Baby Massage Workshops for Fathers and so have first-hand experience of just how special that one-to-one time for a new dad and his baby can be. Sadly because of work and time pressures, many dads miss out on that special bonding time. We want all fathers to experience this, which is why we have created this easy to use kit.”

The DaddyBaby Bathtime Kit is available from and costs £19.75

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  1. omg! this would be perfect for my partner, we have 2 small sons, bobby has just turned 2 and noah is 7 month :) thank you for the post! xox

  2. I'm so going to get this for Fathers Day, it will be my husband's first :-)


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