Monday 9 May 2011

Morphy Richards Shirtmaster ironing board review

Every time I see the name Shirtmaster, it makes me think of Routemaster, and to be honest, they do have more than a similar name in common - they're both  red, curvy, enormous and, just as the Routemaster became the iconic London bus that has people oohing and aahing every time they see one, I wouldn't be surprised if this became the iconic ironing board with a cult following.

When the lovely people at Morphy Richards said they would be sending me a Shirtmaster ironing board to try out in my role as Innovator, I thought "great, I could do with a new ironing board" but wasn't expecting to be particularly wowed. An ironing board's an ironing board, right ? The only thing that makes them stand out is a funky cover. Well, no, totally wrong in fact ! The Shirtmaster is nothing like a classic ironing board.

When my mum and dad took in the delivery, they gasped : "You've had an ironing board arrive and it's about four feet wide. You could use it as a surfboard. Or as a wallpaper pasting table. It would be great for bootsales too" !!

Well, I didn't do any of the above - but I did keep commenting about how much easier it was to iron not just shirts but adult-sized T-shirts, skirts and dresses too, as well as sheets or table cloths. I hate it when you're trying to iron something long or wide and have to keep moving it around on the board, inadvertently putting new creases in every time you do so. With the Shirtmaster ironing board, it's a breeze - especially when I used it along with the new Comfigrip iron that I was also sent to try out (and that I reviewed here).

I also use my ironing board as a folding table for those items that I don't bother ironing and I love having the extra space. It's not four feet wide, as my mum and dad estimated (!), but it is 56cm across which is considerably wider than your average ironing board. It also has 5 height adjustment settings, non slip feet and great stability.

Once you've used one, it makes you wonder who ever decided to make a standard ironing board so narrow because, apart from when you're ironing baby clothes or only have a small space available in your laundry area, it really doesn't make much sense.

If you look at the Morphy Richards Shirtmaster page (here), you'll get a better idea as you can see a video showing you the Shirtmaster in action, as well as a handy 5-step guide (with pictures) of how to iron a shirt.

I can't wait to see what we'll be reviewing next for Morphy Richards - I'll keep you posted !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £79.99

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