Wednesday 11 May 2011

Summer safety for your baby - products and advice from Boots Parenting Club

The sun's back so it's time for some timely advice from the experts at the Boots Parenting Club (and a few summery photos of Pierre to make you smile !)

Summer safety for your baby

A weekend break or a summer holiday is a chance for parents to rest and relax, but with a baby, holidays can sometimes be harder work than staying at home, especially if you’re worrying you don’t have all the baby essentials. However a little forward planning can go a long way towards avoiding a bumpy ride! Boots has some handy hints and tips for you whether you’re travelling near or far this summer, and as consumers have voted Boots the UK's Top Family Brand, where better to go for your baby’s summer essentials?

Looking after your water baby

Boots Swim Pants £3.75 are perfect for the swimming pool with an elasticated waist and tear-away side seams. They pull on easily and the absorbant core helps protect from small accidents before your baby gets into the water, but they won’t swell up like a normal nappy once your baby is in the pool. Available in: Size 3 for babies weighing 9-20lbs (12 pack), size 4 for babies weighing 15-28lbs (11 pack), size 5-10 for babies weighing 26lbs or more (10 pack.)

Boots Baby Arm Bands 3-24 Months £4.07 provide buoyancy under the arms to help keep your baby’s face above water whilst learning to swim. Boots Child Arm Bands 2-6 Years £4.07 are also available.

Boots Baby Swim Seat £10.20 provides secure support whilst allowing your baby to kick and splash freely whilst learning to swim. It is a safe relaxing way to introduce your baby to the water and help build confidence. (Suitable from 3-12 months, up to 11kg).

Enjoy picnic time

If you are planning a family picnic with your baby, don’t forget to pack your little one’s own cutlery.

Boots playful tableware designs for boys and girls are suitable from 12 months plus. Girls Melamine Set and Boys Melamine Set each include cutlery (£2.85), a bowl (£2.54) and a plate (£2.54). (Products are also available as individual items.)

Disposable paper bibs are great for when you're out and about. Why not consider packing Boots Disposable Baby Bibs £3.05 which have a waterproof backing, a crumb catcher and self-adhesive neck fastening?

Help keep your baby healthy this summer

Whether staying at home or travelling abroad, try to be prepared for minor accidents or mishaps. Consider taking a first aid kit with you which includes some baby products to help you look after your little one.

Boots Pharmaceuticals Feverscan® Forehead Thermometer £3.49 is suitable for babies and children and provides quick results. It is safe and convenient to use as well as being easy to read.

Consider Boots Pain Relief Paracetamol Suspension 3 Months - 10 Sachets £1.82. It is available in strawberry flavour and is formulated for the relief of mild to moderate pain including teething pain and reducing fever. Always read the label. (Contains Paracetamol. Read the label for dosage amounts for ages ranging from 3 months – 12 years.)

Happy travelling

One of the many daunting challenges that new parents face is traveling successfully with their baby or toddler. Babies are creatures of habit so travelling can disturb their schedule. With the right products to hand, you can travel both happily and healthily with your little one.

Boots Bibs & Stuff Potette Plus £13.27 is an all-in-one potty and toilet trainer seat, making it the ideal potty-training solution for toddlers. It is great for travel as it folds away neatly into a compact bag and can be taken out ready for use in seconds. (Supplied with three liners.)

Boots Pharmaceuticals Nappy Rash Spray 100ml £5.60 soothes and softens skin, whilst protecting against nappy rash. It is easy to use especially when travelling as it can be applied with one hand and there is no need to rub. The handy size bottle fits in hand baggage.

Why not consider Boots Pharmaceuticals Saline Nasal Spray £3.56, which is a safe and effective way to relieve nasal congestion and dryness in babies, infants and children. (Suitable for babies and infants. Read the label for different instructions on how to use the product for children up to 2 years and older.)

The mini club - Exclusive to Boots stores nationwide

The mini club collection offers cool comfortable styles for children aged 0 - 6 years old. The collection consists of contemporary clothes that allow your children the freedom to sleep, crawl, run, play, grow and enjoy life. For example, for boys there is a Jungle Trail Top and Dungaree set £13, Boys Stripe Tee £4 and Boys Check Short £8, whilst girls clothes include a Flower Fairy Floral Dress £14 and Prairie Girl Pink Dress £12.

Be safe with your baby in the sun

Consider Soltan Baby Hypoallergenic Suncare Lotion SPF 50 200ml £9.25. Because each and every Soltan product includes 5-star UVA protection, it is perfect for your baby’s skin. This paediatrician-approved suncare lotion has been specially formulated for babies; it is alcohol-free with no added colourings. It’s also water-resistant so you can both enjoy a cooling splash of water fully protected. Knowing you’ve protected the ones you love most feels good!

Sun protection doesn’t have to stop at your kids’ sunscreen - now you can provide 5-star UVA protection for your toddler with a well chosen swimsuit with Ultraviolet Protection Factor too. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (or UPF40+) is a rating system that measures the UV protection provided by fabric and is very similar to the SPF rating system used for sunscreens. The mini club Sunsafe range provides Ultraviolet Protection Factor40+. The zips are also lined with UPF40+ for added protection and with a matching hat and jelly shoes, your babies will be the best dressed babies on the beach! (The suits only protect the parts of skin that it covers, apply sunscreen to uncovered areas for maximum protection.)

Girls Two-piece Sunsafe, £13. Sunsafe Keppi to match, £6.00. Jelly shoe, £6. (Suitable for children aged: 0 to 6 years old)

Boys Two-piece Sunsafe, £13. Sunsafe Keppi to match, £6.00. Jelly shoe, £6. (Suitable for children aged: 0 to 6 years old)

Helpful tips from Boots Parenting Club Pharmacist Angela Chalmers to help keep your little one healthy this summer:

• Paracetamol and Ibuprofen suspensions come in handy sachets which are great for packing in your first aid kit or baby bag. They can be used with a standard measuring spoon, which many parents find is easier to use and less messy.

• If you are catching a flight make sure you pack the right travel sizes of baby medicine and toiletries, such as nappy creams, in your hand luggage. This also applies if your baby is on formula. Most baby milk brands come in small easy to use cartons. Ask your pharmacist if you have any concerns about travelling with a baby and to find out which medicines are suitable for the age of your baby.

• Dry cabin air can really make a baby snuffly. Try to avoid this as it can make them irritable and more reluctant to feed. A saline nasal spray can help moisturise little noses before feeds and during the flight.

• Baby’s ears are more susceptible to the effects of pressure during take off and landing. You may want to try breastfeeding or bottle feeding at these times as the sucking action can help maintain the pressure balance in their ears.

Online advice from the experts

For expert advice on safe and easy travel and being out and about with your little one this summer, visit You can also chat with other mums and dads for tips on making summertime with your baby a happy one via the online parenting community. Visit

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  1. thanks. Very usuful tips :)

  2. Good intro to summer, clear out the winter childrens medication from the cudboard and re-stock with for the upcoming season. Thing that always gets me is sun block, still in my opinion still expensive in the UK. Its something that we all need for the little ones.

    Good post as always

  3. Your baby is so cute. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Take the test Caring For Toddlers and find out how good are you at caring for toddlers.

  4. We're never sure what to do with swim pants. We use them for our 3yo toddler who just cannot seem to be bothered to use the toilet (even though he knows how), but we just use them as they are. Most other users seem to put trunks or costumes over the top - is this right? Seems a bit daft when they are so highly patterned, we just thought they were meant to be worn as they are - what is the etiquette with these??

  5. phylgerry - I agree, it always costs a fortune because you have to buy loads too. I reviewed some of the cheaper brands last year though and they were as good as some of the more expensive brands (Wilkinsons was good, think - check through my sun care reviews :) )

    Lisa - thanks, I'll have a look later

    Stuart - I agree. I got the reusable swimpants (with boats on that you can see in the pics above) to review and, although you can use them without a swimnappy, it's easier and quicker to clean up afterwards if you use a disposable underneath - but then it's a bit of a waste of time !

  6. You've provided some very useful advice and details about products. Thanks. @maisietoo


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