Sunday 29 May 2011

Barry M make up review

A little while ago, I reviewed (here) some fabulous Barry M nail products that they sent me to test. This time, I've been testing out some of their make-up products. Now, as they have made a name for themselves as a company for brightly coloured makeup, I wasn't sure what they would have on offer for people (like me) who want a subtle, natural look for work. Well, the answer is : a lot.

They sent me a lip gloss wand, lipstick and little pot of the magically-named dazzle dust which are ideal for a barely-there look. In fact, they are so subtle and natural-looking that I was happy to let 9-year-old Sophie act as my make-up model for the afternoon. How excited was she ?!

First up was the lip gloss. Now, I smiled indulgently when Sophie told me it smelt of caramel, but it turns out she's absolutely right ! The write-up on the website says : "Get glossing and perfect your pout with Barry M’s latest treat for lips. Available in 14 shimmering and sparkling shades, each one deliciously infused with an irresistible scent, our new lip gloss wands are essential wear for a dazzling smile."

My one criticism would be the sparse information on the website and on the packaging. We received a wand with the number 2 and the number 103 on the bottom so I would assume that this is the "Toffee" colour, especially as it tastes of caramel. I had no idea, neither from the packaging or the website, that it would be toffee-flavoured and, although most of the names evoke flavours as much as colours, there are a few - Coral, Bronze Shimmer, Pastel Pink - which leave me totally nonplussed about what they will taste of. I love the natural, shimmery colour that this leaves on your lips. It's perfect for a natural look at work - or for any young girls who want to start wearing subtle make-up without looking like a clown !

Next up was a lipstick or, as I see they call them on the website, lip paint. Barry M say : "With over 30 shades to suit every mood and taste from softly shimmering pastels to vibrant colours. All Lip Paints have a soft, beautiful smooth texture that is packed full of natural moistures to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours."

I love the colour, which is pretty but natural - this has a number 153 and a 038 on the bottom so I think it's Pink Ribbon. It slides on easily and feels comfortable, but it was hard to remove when Sophie slightly wobbled and went over the edge of her lips ! That would be a good thing for having a lipstick that lasts a long time though.

The final product was the wonderfully-named Dazzle Dust. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with this so I checked the website for advice : "A spectacular collection of breath taking loose, highly pearlised powder available in a profusion of colours to enhance your eyes, cheeks or lips. Each little pot contains multiple facets of intensive reflective colour that glides on smoothly adding sparkle and sheen. These luscious shades can be applied bright and bold or shimmering and subtle, with over 60 original colours to choose from everyone can find a favourite pot or two or three… "

We received the bronzey/beigey colour (number 51 or 101 - I think it's Buff but it could be Mushroom as there are both numbers on the bottom of the little pot) which looks perfect for a subtle glittery shimmer over eyelids. As I didn't have a brush or sponge to hand, I dipped a finger into the pot - bad move ! it's incredibly soft, loose powder so your finger sinks right in, gets absolutely covered in shimmer and then it's almost impossible to apply it to your eyes or wherever you wish without getting it all over your face ! I love this product and will be looking at buying some of the brighter colours for using on my eyes.

I've been really impressed by these Barry M products which give a simple, natural, low-key but pretty and funky look that's perfect for work (or for letting my 9-year-old experiment with make-up during the holidays!). If you want a more glamorous, colourful look, you have the choice of all the colours of the rainbow too !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.49 lip gloss wands, £4.49 lip paint, £4.49 dazzle dust
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  1. Barry M does nice products but sometimes it is hit and miss!

    I also agree with you, I prefeer when colours names are written, a number can easily be rubbed off, or just doesnt mean anything really!

  2. I have a slow cooker but it is never unlock my jaw
    used because I never know what to do and being a veggie makes it quite hard to find a good.


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