Sunday 27 May 2012

Bear Pure Fruit Yo-yos review

You may (or may not !) remember that last year, we received a selection of healthy Bear snacks to review (which we did here). As part of that review, we were sent through a recipe to try out using the Fruit Yoyos for Strawberry Butterfly Scones which we made very successfully here. However, I totally cheesed off the kids by cutting their yoyos to bits in the process, so when we received some more to try out the new Apple (in the green pack) and Pineapple (in the yellow pack) flavours, they grabbed them and made me promise I wouldn't destroy them this time !!

If you're unfamilair with Bear Yoyos, they're soft-baked 100% fruit snacks that look like licorice Catherine wheels. They may be good for you (and your kids) but that doesn't stop them being sweet and tasty.

Each pack comes with a Bear Fact card with fun, informative animal facts. These could be collected but I have to admit, as they usually have the sticky imprint of the Yoyo on them, ours invariably end up in the bin after they've been read and shared with everyone in the house. (Cue many "guess what Mum ..." moments !)

All three of the Madhouse Mini-testers love them and count them as sweets, either not knowing or not caring that they are in fact healthy fruit snacks !

They love messing about with them before they eat them (whoever said you shouldn't play with your food ? Hmmm obviously wasn't me !!).

Pierre loves unrolling them and eating them bit by bit !

The new flavours got a thumbs up from the kids and the whole range gets a thumbs-up from me because it's a much healthier option than the usual sweets and snacks.

Each Fruit Yoyo only contains 27 calories so they can have as many as they want ! Bear explain on their website : "Every Bear nibble is either 1 of your 5 a day of fruit and vegetables or 1 of your 3 a day of whole grains. So they’re not just tasty, they’re good for you as well. All Bear nibbles are under 100 calories and because they are high in fibre help you feel full. So enjoy and don’t feel guilty afterwards."

Grrrreat news for mums and kids !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : 49p for 2 Yoyos

for more information :

Disclosure : I received some Bear Yoyos in order to write an honest review and also some of the new flavours as a competition prize.

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  1. Sound good, wonder what ge they are suitable for

    1. They're soft but quite chewy so if you chop them into bits, they'd be good as finger foods when you're ready to give things like raisins.

  2. These look great - my son loves jelly kind of sweets (which are bad for his teeth!) these look like a much healthier option. Will try and find them when I'm out shopping :)

  3. we love bear yoyos in our house (my son calls them bear rolls!) didn't know they had some new flavours, will have to have a look for them. I think they are fab, yummy, healthy and we love the fact cards too!

  4. will definately look out for these might given them to my grown up kid

  5. a better alternative to sweets and im liking the price aswell

  6. these would go down well in my house!

  7. A good alternative to sweets, I'm going to try these thanks! :)

  8. They are really high in sugar! My daughters just had 3 packs and I googled the sugar content. So she's just had three spoons of sugar!!

    1. There's no added sugar so it all comes from the fruit though - dried fruit like raisins is always quite high in calories/sugar but it's still better than sweets because at least it has vitamins too :)

  9. I found a little golden star in my yo yo. Does that mean anything or is it just a festive thing?


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