Tuesday 15 May 2012

Halo feminine care review (and Show Us Your Knickers competition!)

I've told you many times before about being a Bzz Agent. In case you still have no idea what that means, I am sent free products for me and discount vouchers to pass on to friends in order to help spread the word about new brands and to share my honest opinion. The latest Bzz campaign that came up was for Halo, a new brand of feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads and panty liners).

I think feminine hygiene product manufacturers have taken the design concept just about as far as they can by now - you can buy them with or without wings, scented ones, thong-shaped ones, with a refreshing wipe, even with an extra pad for when one isn't enough ! About the only thing left to invent is one that gives you a Vajazzle and a bikini wax as you wear them (and for the latter, some of them do that already if you're not careful how you position them !)

Design-wise, there's not a lot to say about them. They're perfectly ordinary, dare I say it "bog-standard" tampons and pads. They do have pretty heart-covered packaging and a cheeky (literally!) logo but apart from that, they're totally unremarkable.

Where they stand out from the crowd is that by buying them, you're helping charities. The brand explain : "With 15p from every pack sold going to women's health charities, Halo is the feminine care brand that protects women every month and womankind every day." Can you guess how much money women in the UK spend on pads and tampons each month? When you tot up all the numbers, it's £20 million per month – that's more money than some of the crown jewels are worth so passing some of that back on to good causes is definitely a good thing. 

There is something else that you might get excited about. Halo want you to show them your knickers ! But you have to customise them first ! Halo wants you to decorate a pair of knickers so you can enter their contest for a chance each month to win £500 worth of Tesco vouchers. All you need to do is take a photo of your decorated knickers and send it to entries@SUYKC.com. You can find out more on their website.

for more information : http://www.halo-protects.com/index.html

Disclosure : As a Bzz Agent, I received some free samples for me and some money-off vouchers to pass on to friends.

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  1. I have seen these in Tesco but always go for my usual brand, maybe I will give them a try seeing as they give money to charity. It made me chuckle when I read the bit about the bikini wax, glad I'm not the only one whose done that!!

    1. LOL I thought it might be TMI but decided it was good for a laugh !

  2. May give them a go if some money goes to charriddee

  3. Oooh you made me cringe about the bikin wax LOL

    I too stick to my regular brand but with 2 teenage daughters I'm always on the look out for new products for them so will keep an eye out!

  4. You're definitely right that there isn't anything different about these - but then how 'different' do you want these products to be? I do love the charity element though. and it would be enough to tempt me away from my usual brand :D

  5. I tried these and I absolutely love them, they're my new favourite, just a shame they're a tesco thing since I don't only shop at tesco XD

  6. I bought quite a few packs of the winged variety of the Halo pads when they were on offer in Tesco a few months ago. After using them, I was really sorry I bought so many as I found them virtually useless. Awful. I've since gone back to my previous regular brand. I found the adhesive backing which appears to be applied sparingly and only in very thin strips doesn't stick too well on first contact but within around an hour they completely work themselves loose and are totally free of the fabric rendering them useless and unmanageable, which is definitely not what you want from a feminine hygiene product. You want to feel secure in the fact that you're going to be protected at least for a couple of hours or more at a time. I never had this problem prior to using this brand. I also found that they weren't as absorbent as my previous brand either. I even tried a few from the other packs that I bought in case I got a one off sub-standard pack, but they were all the same. Way too much hassle and inconvenience and I certainly wouldn't buy them again or recommend them to friends/family.


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