Sunday 27 May 2012

New York Bakery Co Muffins review

We regularly buy New York Bakery Co bagels (and I reviewed them here last year) but I have to admit, I didn't know their product range extended beyond those until we were asked if we'd like to review some of their muffins. A bit of investigation reveals why - these are brand new products that have only just been added to the line. We were definitely up for a bit of testing !

The muffins come in two flavours - Double Chocolate and Blueberry. Our first impression was "wow, they're huge !" closely followed by "yum, they look delicious". They look totally homemade and just like something you'd see on the counter of a genuine American diner. They look and taste really fresh and have huge, visible chunks of chocolate and blueberries in them. I would actually love to be able to get a twinpack with one of each flavour rather than two chocolate or two blueberry ones. 

Tastewise, they are utterly delicious. There is only one downside - the number of calories. I was slightly shocked to see that one 85g muffin contains 343 calories for the blueberry ones and 377 calories for the double choc ones. They are so big that you could easily share one, or eat half and save the rest for another day, and still have an indulgent treat though.

New York Bakery Co are marketing these as premium, adult-oriented, authentic American-style treats and I'd say they've totally hit the mark. Now if only thy could come up with a low-cal option ... ! Maybe mini muffins or muffin bites would be a good next step for anyone watching their waistline because the calories are the only thing that would stop me throwing these in my trolley on a regular basis.

star rating : 5/5 on taste, 4.5/5 overall for the number of calories !

RRP : £1.69 for 2 x 85g muffins

Launched in May 2012, the muffins are currently available in Tesco's.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received two packs of muffins in order to write an honest review.

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  1. They look huge and wonderful, quite moist too? Im afraid at that many calories it would be a fortnightly treat for me! I guess in this country we are some of the most avid snackers and consumers of sugary products! Id have to do a couple of hours of gardening before rewarding myself with one of these babies with a cup of tea!

  2. Sugary things like this are definitely my downfall.. the only time I didn't have a sweet tooth is when I was pregnant! These look scrummy but they are HUGE!

  3. They look so delicious, especially the blueberry! Yum xx

  4. we are big fan of bakin boys in our house but these look great, may have to give them a try

  5. I've always been disappointed by shop-bought muffins so seeing a positive review is tempting me - although that calorie count is a bit of a shock! Makes me wonder what I have been eating in the past before there was more labelling ;)


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