Tuesday 15 May 2012

Yu!-Bars review

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When I was offered the chance to try out some Yu!-Bars, I scanned through the enclosed information to see what they were. They are described as healthy snacks, which is obviously a good thing but does often mean that you have to compromise on taste and sheer indulgence levels. Low-calorie sadly often means low-enjoyment. But not always, as these Yu!-Bars prove.

Described as a fruit bar in a yogurt coating, I was expecting something a bit cardboardy to be honest. When I unwrapped the bar, I was impressed at how knobbly it looked and the thick, sweet yogurt coating reminded me of white chocolate, both in look, taste and smell.

I couldn't manage to get a decent close-up photo so this blurry effort will have to do but it's chewy and gooey and had my tastebuds dancing in delight, especially when I looked at the nutritional information. I took one wrapper at random (cherry flavour, but the values are very similar, whichever flavour you go for), so one 30g bar contains about 128 calories, 1.5g of protein, 19.7g of carbohydrate and 4.6g of fat. That's not bad at all. The label also says that 100g of product contains the equivalent of 39g of real fruit, which sounds very good.

It contains real fruit, real yogurt and no artificial colours. The ingredients list reveals that it contains 34% fruit (sour cherry purée and blackberries), 33% yogurt coating and 22% cereal (cereal pieces and cornflakes). There are no hidden nasties in the "other" bit either - glucose syrup, sugar, humectants (sorbitol, glycerol), vegetable fat, modified starch emulsifier (sucrose esters), flavouring). Not an e-number in sight.

The bars come in four flavours - cherry, apricot, strawberry and wild berry - and I loved all of them. They're perfect for satisfying any sweet or even chocolate cravings that you may have and can also be a good option for breakfast on the go, if you're in a rush (or that's what I told myself as I grabbed a bar on my way out of the door this morning - well, they do contain fruit, yogurt and cornflakes so that sounds like a balanced breakfast to me !!).

Yu! Healthy Snacks also make Jus Fruit 100% (fruit pieces), Fruit & Yogurt (fruit pieces covered in yogurt) and Granola (granola clusters and fruit) so I'll definitely be looking out for those too. The whole range can be found in Tesco's in the home baking aisle (which isn't where I'd have gone looking for them !).

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.79 for 3 bars

for more information : http://www.yu-rules.co.uk

Disclosure : I received four Yu!-Bars in order to write the review.

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  1. These look great, I think I could even try them out on my kids. They love that kind of yoghurty white chocolate coating. Thanks :)

  2. These sound really good! Me and the kids all love yogurt, especially things yogurt coated! I think these would be great for putting in a packed lunch or picnic basket!

    I often worry when new 'healthy' bars come out as many of them seem to have more calories that the 'normal' snack bars! I remember when Trackers first came out - everyone was saying how healthy and nutritious they were until one day they received lots of bad publicity for being high in sugar! These Yu! Bars seem to be healthy and tasty though! Thank you - I will keep a look out for them!

  3. I like the flavours. Thanks for the review.

  4. These sound really tasty, only trouble is one probably wouldn't be enough!!

  5. my son loves cereal bars so these would be a great snack for him, if he can get to them before i eat them lol

  6. I already much on a very similar bar from the supermarket so would try these, love the sound of the apricot. Going to Italy for a week to walk in the mountains and they'd be handy pit-stop snack!

  7. PROBLEM HERE!!!!! Each Bar is 540 calories.!! That is like a meal except without the feeling of full tum. I predict a lot of fat people after eating these..

    1. Ermm How did you work that out ?! Each bar is about 128 calories :)


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