Tuesday 8 May 2012

Tiny Tatty Teddy review

I should think everybody must know Tatty Teddy, the cute shaggy, beaten-up old bear with the blue nose who appeals to kids, teens and even mums of all ages and who was created way back in 1995. You may not be so familiar with Tiny Tatty Teddy though, as he was only added to the range in 2010. He appears across a range of Me to You products that particularly cater for younger fans, including soft toys, nursery furniture, books, clothing and gifts. We were sent a selection of Tiny Tatty Teddy products to review.

First up was the handy Car Seat Organiser.

The one that got the biggest "awww" was the little squeaky plush.

And finally the Travel Set, containing a passport cover and luggage tag.

Juliette immediately threw herself into the Chief Tester's hotseat before anybody else got a look-in !

The first thing that caught her eye was the little soft toy. He has lovely soft fur that you can't resist snuggling up against your face and his expression is so adorable that he's just begging for a cuddle every time you lay eyes on him ! The plastic red loop is perfect for attaching it to the pushchair straps or hanging it off the ceiling handle in the back of the car to keep baby amused (which led on to an interesting discussion on twitter ! I asked what the proper name for the handle on the ceiling in the back of the car is, that passengers can hang on to as you go careening round sharp bends ! Other tweeters pointed out that it's proper use was actually for hanging smart clothes on hangers on to keep them crease free. The only thing I've ever used it for is for hanging up a baby mobile. That says a lot about me I think !!) Either way, Juliette wanted to take the plastic loop off, which is really simple to do, so that she could take it to bed with her and not have the hard plastic digging into her. She discovered by accident that it squeaked when she hugged it a bit too tightly, which was the cause of a great deal of amusement !

She excitedly moved on to the Travel Set, opening the packaging and examining the passport cover. One side has a plastic pocket and the other has two little triangles in the corners to hold things safely inside. It is designed for keeping your passport safe and funky-looking, as well as tickets, etc but Juliette decided that that would be a waste as she'd only get to use it a few times a year so she ran off to her schoolbag and reappeared with her school canteen card ! That is actually a stroke of genius because it's always getting lost and screwed up in her pocket or the bottom of her bag so this will keep it safe and easier to find. It's very pretty but I'm not sure how long the plastic pockets will last because they don't seem very sturdy.

Taking the role of Chief Tester in her stride, there was no stopping Juliette ! When I told her that the other item in the pack was a luggage tag, she ran off to find her Trunki and proudly added it to "her" case. (Not sure Pierre and Sophie will be in agreement that it's hers when it comes to holidaytime !) It's a handy way of keeping your details attached to your case and is certainly prettier and more long-lasting than the paper labels airlines give you, but the buckle was incredibly fiddly to open and close. I suppose this could be a good thing though, as it should mean that it doesn't fall off as your case is thrown around by the airport luggage handlers, once it's been securely attached.

For her final task, Juliette eagerly awaited Madhouse Daddy Mike's arrival home from work so that she could go and put the Car Seat Organiser on the back of his seat. This is a handy panel of pockets for keeping all important supplies like tissues, wipes, snacks, toys and sick bags constantly at hand for passengers in the back seat. I wasn't convinced the straps seemed very efficient (it seems to be a one-size-fits-all jobby that doesn't really perfectly fit anything !) but it's been on the back of the seat for a couple of weeks and hasn't fallen off or slipped down so far. Juliette loves filling up the pockets and making sure her supplies are constantly topped up. The pale yellow colour is suitable for both sexes and isn't too childish.

It's a lovely range that will appeal to kids of both sexes and of all ages so if you're looking for a unisex nursery theme or baby shower gift, it could be just what you need.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : squeaky plush £7.95, car seat organiser £14.99, travel set £9.99

for more information : www.metoyou.com

Disclosure : I received three Tiny Tatty Teddy items in order to write the review.

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  1. i love tatty teddys, cute pics x

  2. Tatty Teddy is lovely, I really like the car seat organiser

  3. its great when you have willing volunteers, its nit a car tidy I need its a skip

  4. I love tatty teddy, these are lovely.

  5. love the little teddy pram toy, must get one!


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