Monday 14 May 2012

Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones is the new face of the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign !

I was quite amused to see that Vinnie Jones is the latest face with a milk tache for the 'Make Mine Milk' campaign - it doesn't really go with his hardman image ! The behind-the-scenes video at the end shows that he got into the spirit of things though ! The campaign is designed to promote low fat, nutrient-dense milk. More information can be found at or at


Vinnie Jones gives milk some tough love
Footballer turned Hollywood star is the new face of ‘make mine Milk’
Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones has been unveiled as the latest celebrity to front the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign.
The ex-international footballer, now just as famous for his no-nonsense appearances on the big screen, will be seen on the sides of thousands of buses from tomorrow, sporting the famous milk moustache. The adverts, carrying the headline ‘you know what’s good for you’, aim to show the British public that low fat milk, at less than 2% fat, is a healthy choice for the whole family.
Vinnie – who has starred in blockbuster films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Gone In 60 Seconds – has revealed that the ‘white stuff’ is a big part of his daily diet.
He said: “As a footballer I used to look after myself, but even since I retired from professional sport, I’ve always tried to stay in shape. Particularly if I’m in training for a film, I need to stay lean and not eat any crap – that’s why I love milk so much – it tastes great and it’s good for you. I eat a lot of cereal and drink a lot of tea, though it’s hard to find a decent cuppa in LA.”
Vinnie’s involvement in the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign also sees him front a series of online videos as the internet’s most unlikely agony uncle. Covering topics such as dealing with relationship break-ups and healthy eating, ‘Vinnie’s Advice Corner’ is hosted on the ‘make mine Milk’ Facebook page, along with the ‘Vinnie’s Weekender’ competition to win a VIP break for two.

He is the latest big star to promote the health benefits of low fat milk, following in the footsteps of – among others – reformed wildchild Kelly Osbourne, X Factor judge Kelly Rowland, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, F1 driver Jenson Button, supermodel Elle Macpherson, pop princess Pixie Lott and Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay.
The campaign was created by the Milk Marketing Forum, which is a consortium of leading dairy companies comprised of Arla Foods UK, Dairy Crest Limited, First Milk, Milk Link and Robert Wiseman Dairies, with support provided by Dairy UK and The Dairy Council. Of the £7.5 million total funding, which comes to an end in October 2012, a third comes from the European Union.
For news on the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign, visit the campaign website Alternatively, fans of the campaign can keep up to date by following @makemineMilk on Twitter, joining the vibrant Facebook community,, or visiting the YouTube channel,   

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  1. So many celebrities have done this campaign, it's great to see Vinnie Jones joining in

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