Saturday 19 May 2012

Doing the Race for Life? Look out for the Vitality Teams

I'm always impressed at how many of you take part in all the charity sports events like the London Marathon or the Race for Life. Some nutcases women (including the lovely Zoe from Splodz Blogs) even stripped down to their bra to walk the Marathon route at night in the Moon Walk. How dedicated is that ?! Well, if you're planning on doing the Race for Life, sponsors Aqua Pure have created Vitality Teams all around the country to help support the women entering. They will be offering tips and advice on their website and attending events. They are also offering women the chance to win a free personal training session with the Vitality Team in their area – there are six different draws over the next few months (21st May - Scotland & London,  4th June - Wales & Midlands,  18th June - National & North West). Good luck if you're getting involved and read on for more info :



Aqua Pura, 100% pure Cumbrian natural mineral water, has launched Vitality Teams around the country to help women get themselves ready for the Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Women across the UK are being offered the chance to win free professional training sessions to help them get ready to walk, jog or run 5k at Race for Life. This summer, around 625,000 women across the UK, of all ages and fitness levels, will come together to raise money and beat cancer. Every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer and there are over 235 events across the country which you can enter to help more people survive.
This year the official water sponsor, Aqua Pura, is offering women a helping hand for the big day with an opportunity to win two free personal training sessions for them and up to ten friends. So whether you plan to walk, jog or run make sure you and your group are race ready with the help of Aqua Pura.

Some women don't do any training for their Race for Life event, but it is healthier and safer to do some exercise before the day. So to support women taking part, Aqua Pura will be giving one lucky runner and up to ten of her friends, family or colleagues two free personal training sessions and a personalised training plan from the Aqua Pura Vitality Team.

In addition the team will be sharing a series of training and fitness tips along with advice for the big day on

“We want to help get you to get to the finish line and enjoy the day of your event. If you’re a beginner even a few simple exercises in the lead up to the event will help to improve your fitness levels. Or if you’re a more experienced runner a more focused training plan, with a few easy-to-follow nutrition tips, will help you achieve or even improve your race time as well enjoy the experience all the more!” says Cain Leathem, Aqua Pura Vitality Team leader. 

“My top tips would be to invest in a good pair of running shoes and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your event. A few days before the event, back off a little on any training or exercise you may be doing and be sure to stretch daily - as this will keep you nice and supple during the 5k course” continued Cain.

As well as helping with training preparation, Aqua Pura is continuing the successful Every Bottle Counts campaign to help people donate to Cancer Research UK.

Donating is easy, simply grab a code from the inside of any promotional bottle; 500ml, 1.5ltr, 2ltr sparkling and 5ltr. Visit and enter your code. For every bottle registered, Aqua Pura will donate 10p to Cancer Research UK.

For more information on how to enter the competition or donate to Cancer Research with promotional bottles visit

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  1. I love to see people getting involved with charity events, I volunteer at a local level and in the past we have tried to organise events to raise funds but there was little interest within the community. Theres more of a sign up when its a large event like this for a well known charity. Kudos to those particpating.

  2. These are some great charity events, and I would love to join in but unfortunately I am so unfit, the best I can do is walk, but certainly not in my bra!

  3. The moonwalk was a bit of a nutcase event... but it was also great fun! Thanks for the mention :)

    There are so many charity events and I feel it's only ok to ask people every now and again for sponsorship, so I tend to only do one event a year.

    It's difficult to generate interest locally Stralisemiai. Things like car washes or bake sales seem to go down a treat - something where the public can spend their money? Sometimes something will happen that will take a smaller event to a bigger level - this year there seems to be a huge interest where I live for a 10k walk due to people going to support one of my colleagues, it's got massive. So keep trying!

    Oh there are so many walking events bloomers - I know Macmillan run some...


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