Thursday 17 May 2012

Dry Like Me Toilet Training Pads review

Several months ago, we were sent through a box of Dry Like Me Toilet Training Pads to review. After buying lots of appealing big boy pants, reading the potty books with Pierre and trying out various fun and funky potties, we set down to the serious business of potty training. It was certainly less than a resounding success so we eventually gave up for a few more months. Well, now, I'm pleased to say, we've pretty much cracked it. If we're going out for a big day out and toilet-stops will be an issue, I'll put on a pull up but apart from that, we can pretty much say Pierre is dry by day. Yay ! Just in time for going to school in September ! Nap-time (when he still accepts the idea of nap-time that is) and night time is a different story but one step at a time !

Now that we just have the odd accident to deal with, the Dry Like Me pads can be quite useful. They are basically triangular-shaped panty liners which you stick in boy's or girl's pants to help deal with small amounts of wee. I say small amounts because if it's more than a dribble, they won't be absorbent enough to cope with it so don't think you can go straight from nappies to Dry Like Me pads and not have loads of extra washing to deal with !

The manufacturers explain : "By adding an absorbent layer to children's favourite pants, Dry Like Me pads give them extra confidence and reduce the everyday challenges of potty training. As you know, with potty training the important thing is helping your child to recognise their body’s own clues for the loo. So when they do have little accidents, they start to understand and react to what’s happening.
Developed by busy working mums, Jude and Diane, Dry Like Me pads are great for reducing the stress of the occasional mess. So parents can be more relaxed, which naturally leads to happier, more confident children. What everyone wants!"

If your child has already been wearing pants, they may find the pads feel a bit strange and complain when you put one in, but if you start using them as soon as you start potty training, they won't know any difference ! Each box of 18 pads comes with a handy plastic travel pouch, which can be used to store soiled pads when there is no bin nearby.

If you go to the Dry Like Me website, you can request a free wallchart and sticker pack, which is a really useful motivational tool when you first start potty training. Pierre used to love choosing a sticker to add to his chart every time he did a poo or wee in the potty ! In fact, I've just requested a new one myself so I can try to get him dry at naptime too - fingers crossed !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.49 for 18

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a box of Dry Like Me pads in order to write the review.

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  1. I'm on the fence about these. The pull up pants are just as good, hold more wee and cheaper.

    1. I think the idea is that you get away from nappies and on to being a big boy/girl in normal pants, because the pad won't cope with big poos/wees like the pull-ups will, so they realise and react when they have accidents. I know Pierre doesn't have a problem with filling a pull-up as he would a normal nappy out of sheer laziness because he knows it won't leak !!

  2. I am dreading the potty training with my little man, I feel that we might have to start this summer, as he show awareness of what he is doing, but oh boy, I am sooo not looking forward to the whole business. I think these pads are a good idea for kids who are just having occasional accidents and who might not want to wear the pull up pants, which basically are still nappies.

  3. We tried this before and my son said mummy it just look like your pad! Lol!
    It is like marmite, love it or hate it. My son kind of love it cos he said mum we look the same!

    1. Love it! My little girl always grabs the plastic backing from my pad and shoves it in my knickers, then pats it - as if to say, "you stay there" so I'm sure she'll think she's a big girl like mummy when I start training her on Friday!

  4. I wish I read it while I was potty training my little boy! Again, I've never heard about it before reading your review! :) x

  5. I'm about to start potty training and am dreading it - these are a great idea!

  6. I am not sure about these, I don't think I would feel comfortable putting pads in pants.

  7. Ooh the dreaded toilet training months are drawing very close for me with my 21 month old Seth! He's my first so I'm not feeling very confident about it ! These look fab and I will definitely give them a go! We'll Need all the help we can get :)

    1. Good luck ! Summer's definitely the best time to start, they won't get cold running around with a bare bum !! Pierre will be 3 in a couple of weeks so we'll be trying to get him dry at night now - same combat all over again !! :-/


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