Tuesday 29 May 2012

Mini Lalaloopsy Tales review

Well, she may be on the verge of going to secondary school but that didn't stop 10-year-old Sophie oohing with delight when she laid eyes on the Mini Lalaloopsy set that we were sent to review. These miniature collectible dolls have lots of tiny accessories and details that are as appealing (if not more so) to slightly older kids who appreciate the attention to detail.

We reviewed one of these Mini Lalaloopsy sets last year - a review you can read here -but they have been given a fairytale makeover in the new Mini Lalaloopsy Tales collection. Some of the adorable new characters include Little Bah Peep, who was supposedly sewn from Little Bo Peep’s bonnet on 20th February (Love Your Pet Day) and has two pet sheep; Curls ‘n’ Locks, who was sewn from pieces of Goldilocks’ dress on 29th October (National Oatmeal Day - there's a National Oatmeal Day ?!) and has three pet bears; Scarlet Riding Hood, who was sewn from Red Riding Hood’s cape on 18th May (Visit Your Relatives Day) and has a pet wolf; Tuffet Miss Muffet, who was sewn from Little Miss Muffet’s apron on 14th March (Save a Spider Day - really ?! They have to be making these up !) and has a pet spider; and Pete R Canfly, who was sewn from Peter Pan's hat on 12th August (International Youth Day) and has a pet crocodile. This is a great way to inspire kids to rediscover children's literary classics so that they understand all the references. The "birthday" aspect reminds me of the Cabbage Patch Dolls that were all the rage when I was a kid.

We received Pix E. Flutters and the back of the box tells you all about her. We learn that : "Pix E. Flutters is a wishful-thinker who always looks on the bright side. She loves to spend her day floating and fluttering about and she believes that everything looks better covered in glitter." She's said to have been sewn on June 24th from a real fairy's dress. Anyone who has ever watched the Lalaloopsy Dolls on TV will love learning more about each character. 

There are lots of characters to collect in the range, and each doll comes with a cute pet and several tiny accessories. The dolls have moveable arms, legs and head and the packaging doubles up as their house, which is good for promoting creative make-believe play. The miniature sets cost around £6 which makes them a great pocket money-priced toy for children to collect.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £5.99

 for more information : www.lalaloopsy.com

 Disclosure : We received a Mini Lalaloopsy set in order to write an honest review.


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  1. Ahh they are cute! I think I would like these, vevermind my Melody!

  2. I know a little girl who would love this - love your little girl's glasses too

  3. Please do not tell me there is more to buy, Oh pesta power will reign supreme if someone we all know finds out about this.

  4. My little niece loves Lalaloopsy dolls! So I know what I will be getting for her birthday.

  5. these are so cute! i didnt know they did little dolls we have the big silly hair one


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