Sunday 6 May 2012


Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy and now that spring has (reputedly) sprung, the new spring/summer collections of clothes and make up in bright, cheerful colours are tempting us in all the high street shop windows. It's easy to spend a small fortune though so I thought that this research from ASDA, comparing their low budget, new season make up with the big brand prices, was really interesting. At these prices, we all certainly deserve a whole new make up bag. Now I'm just waiting to see their summery clothes at bargain prices !


£3.75 v £24.00

Saving £20.25

Big red lips are all the rage and you can avoid the big red price tag with gorgeous vibrant Get Glossy lip gloss in Smacker

£4.50 v £31.00

Saving £26.50

Don’t waste your cash on Chanel’s Limited Edition Bronzing Powder. George’s new Shimmer Me! in Starstruck is the perfect alternative and a quarter of the price.

£2.75 v £7.50

Saving £4.75

Be savvy and stylish with George’s Molten Metal Nail Vanish (Spaceman) for less than half the price of the Essie equivalent.

 £3.50 v £39.00

Saving £35.50

Soft-colour eye-shadows are a summer essential. Save a whopping £35 on popular nude shades by choosing George’s Earthquake Palette Eye Shadow over Bobbi Brown’s Ultra Nude Eye Palette.

£3.50 v £25.00

Saving £21.50

Benefits Benetint offers a rosy glow in seconds. Swap this for George’s identical Cheeky Tint in Rose and have an extra £20 in your pocket this summer

£2.75 v £17.50

Saving £14.75

Glitter and Glamour are set to be big this summer. So instead of getting glitzy with Chanel, be George-ous with George’s Glitter Nail Vanish.

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  1. WOW I can't believe the price differences! I rarely splurge on make up products and prefer the cheaper alternatives, mainly because it means I can buy more! :)

  2. I begrudge spending money on cosmetics, I dont wear much so thats mainly why. This highlights the crazy prices they hike on products that have just as good alternatives elsewhere. Much better for those experementing with make up too.

  3. I always love finding almost identical bargains, I can't stand spending a fortune on big brands just for the name. Sometimes, they are genuinely better products but the cheaper versions are often surprisingly good.

  4. I find you can often find great cheaper alternatives of the expensive favourites. Will have to check this range out!

  5. Love the alternative to the Benefit cheek tint, what a difference in price! Brilliant!

  6. I didn't realise that Asda does make up, I will most defintely trying their make up & hope it will be a firm favorite.

    1. How freaky ! I'm just in the process of writing a review of some of the range !! I'll finish it off tomorrow so look out for it then :)


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