Tuesday 22 May 2012

National Walk to school week - walk to school, win a zebra !

Just a very quick heads-up in time for the school run !

To celebrate National Walk to School Week this week (21st – 26th May), Schleich is giving families an extra incentive to get active by offering the chance to win beautifully hand-painted zebra figures. To help kids celebrate Walk to School Week, Schleich is offering the chance for them to earn their walking stripes. All children will receive a certificate and the first 100 entrants will receive a Schleich Zebra figure. There are two ways to win – either send in a picture of your child walking to school or print out the colouring sheet and send it in. You can read all about the intiative on UKMums.TV here : 

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  1. As I don't drive my son and I walk everywhere - but this is a good initiative and hope it encourages a lot more people to walk :)

    1. Same here ! I know lots of parents do drive their kids to the school though, even when they only live a few minutes walk away, which is bad for the planet, bad for the kids and makes it dangerous for crossing the car park to get to the school gates.

  2. Yeah!Thanks - we have entered! I can drive but don't have a car at the mo. My parents live close by and taxi us anywhere we need to go BUT we prefer to walk, bus or metro to our destinations! I walk my kids to school as it is just across the estate and I also take my neighbours two children too! We have a routine organised where one week I take all the kids to school and my neighbour brings them home then we swap the following week! It works well and keeps us all fit! It annoys me when I see mums (or dads) taking kids by car when they live a five minute walk away!

  3. Its so important to walk to school you wouldn't believe the number of kids where I work whose parents take them in the car.!


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