Wednesday 9 May 2012

Genuine first-come-first-served freebies and free tombolas from

If you're anything like me, as soon as you see a website with a name like, you think "yeah yeah, right, what's the catch?". Either there will be hidden shipping fees or you'll be signing up for a load of spam emails or they'll lure you in with news of fabulous giveaways but actually have nothing but rubbish offers when you go to have a look. Well, when an email pinged into my inbox telling me about this new website and asking me to have a look, I decided to click through but I wasn't really expecting to be impressed. 

I scanned through the current offers and was instantly attracted by an offer to claim a free pack of 3 popcorn bars. I clicked through dubiously to the order page to see what the hidden catch was and there wasn't one. Time will tell if they actually arrive but there's no reason they shouldn't - it's a new brand, about to launch in Sainsbury's, who are keen to get the word out about their product just as it hits the shelves. (There are only 17 packs left so don't blame me if they've all gone by the time you click through !). There are lots of tombolas available, as well as some free music downloads and a couple of e-books that you can grab too. Looking at the "closed offers", there has been some really good stuff - watches, gloves and London Eye tickets, for example. Even the tombolas have great odds of winning because, unlike many online competitions that get thousands of entrants, there are a set number of "tickets" available on a first-come-first-served basis, often for a small number such as 400, and once all the tickets have been claimed, the draw is made.

The "How It Works" page explains how they can manage to offer genuine free deals to their members : "We maintain relationships with many businesses worldwide that provide us with free products to offer to our members. Giving away products for free is a highly efficient and cost-effective way for a business to promote a brand, get noticed, showcase a new product and/or create a buzz in the market. The promoter's hope is that you enjoy the product so much you tell your family and friends, like, follow or flag them up on social media platforms and shop with them again, perhaps becoming a customer - although there is never any obligation."

I know this probably still sounds too good to be true but that's exactly the same idea as word-of-mouth advertising sites like Bzz agent, which do send out loads of free products to their users. promise to offer their members "100% genuinely free goods, products and services" and say : "We do not promote part-discounted items, nor do we offer redeemable discount vouchers, buy-one-get-one-free deals or obligations to puchase. There are no strings, no conditions or irritating requirements. As a member you simply click and claim"

It's a brand new site so get in quick while there aren't too many members snapping up the offers as soon as they come in !

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  1. This sounds good, will be interesting to see how it develops. I have (of course) signed up. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Did you get in quick enough for the popcorn bars ?!


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