Sunday 13 May 2012

Skinny Sprinkles weight loss food supplement review

Whenever I'm asked if I'd like to try out a new product designed to help you lose weight, the first thing I do is check the label to see what it contains. I always come to these things as an open-minded sceptic. I don't expect any of them to work, but if they do, I'll be extremely happy (and I won't be the only one !). I can be proved wrong, as my experience with the SlimPod has proved ! So, what exactly are Skinny Sprinkles ?

Well, before even starting to look at what's inside, I have to say I love the very kitsch, retro-style packaging ! What counts is what's inside though so it's off to do a bit of investigating. The manufacturer explains :
"There's nothing like a bit of inch-loss to put a spring in your poolside step. Shape up for your swimsuit debut this summer with Skinny Sprinkles®, a sumptuous strawberry weight loss and energy drink.  

Each box comes complete with 21 ‘sticks’ containing powder, which – when sprinkled into water – forms a delicious smoothie. Approved by the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA), three Skinny Sprinkles® sticks per day are enough to help you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. 

The active ingredients within Skinny Sprinkles® make this weight loss and energy drink work. Glucomannan is scientifically-proven by the EFSA to aid weight reduction as part of a calorie controlled diet and will be one of the few ingredients on the EU draft health claims list, due to be published in Spring 2012. 

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fibre from the root of the Konjac plant. By delaying the absorption of glucose by the stomach, it slows down the digestive process and absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water - swelling when it mixes with water in your stomach - making you feel fuller. 

Guarana and Green Tea provide the caffeine in SkinnySprinkles®, which the EFSA claims boosts alertness and stamina."

Well, there's a lot of information packed into that explanation so let's take it point by point. So, I'm expecting a "sumptuous strawberry smoothie" - time will tell when I get on to the taste-testing. The active ingredient is Glucomannan, which I don't know much about. Wikipedia (which I know isn't always accurate but does seem pretty objective) says : "Glucomannan is a water-soluble polysaccharide that is considered a dietary fiber. Glucomannan is a food additive used as an emulsifier and thickener. Products containing glucomannan, marketed under a variety of brand names, are also sold as nutritional supplements for constipation, obesity, high cholesterol, acne vulgaris and type 2 diabetes. Although there is some clinical support for potential health benefits, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any product containing glucomannan for the treatment of these medical conditions. Health Canada has authorized some products containing glucomannan for the purposes of appetite reduction, weight management, treatment of constipation and management of high cholesterol levels." So, by the sounds of it, it may or may not help you lose weight (and reduce your blood pressure and acne !) but it certainly shouldn't do you any harm.

They say that three sticks a day should be enough to help you achieve your weight and fitness goals "as part of a calorie controlled diet" which always makes me think that surely the calorie-controlled diet is having more effect than the supplement ? I will be looking out for extra energy and feeling fuller though, as they should be easy to judge.

The stick format is incredibly convenient as there is no measuring necessary and they're easy to transport in your handbag or to keep in your drawer at work. The instructions say :" Pour the sprinkles into 200ml of cold water and stir rapidly until the contents are dissolved. Let stand for 30-60 seconds until the Sprinkles have turned into a smoothie consistency and drink immediately. Take one stick, three times a day, 15 minutes before a meal. It is important to drink plenty of water when consuming this product."

Well, my first impressions were extremely positive. The Sprinkles dissolve quickly and they smell lovely and sweet and fruity, with a definite strawberry smell. I was really looking forward to drinking it because it smelt really refreshing and sweet, despite containing only 20 calories.

I left it for a minute to thicken, as instructed, and was disappointed to see that the whole thing separated into two distinct layers. I therefore gave it a quick stir before drinking it. Hmmm. The taste is very pleasant, living up to the gorgeous strawberry smell. What lets is down is the texture. It's very thick and slightly lumpy, as if it's full of fruit fibres - the best way I can describe it is imagine pushing a banana or apple through a sieve, then adding the bits that didn't fit through the holes to a glass of water and adding strawberry flavouring. It's drinkable (just !) but the consistency is off-putting.

Does it work ? Well, it certainly does fill you up but so would eating a banana or apple and drinking a big glass of water before you sit down for a meal. Does it help you lose weight ? Yes, it undoubtedly would, because you'll obviously eat less if you're filling your stomach up with waterlogged fruit fibres ! Energy-wise, I didn't actually notice much difference but I didn't get any hyperactivity or palpitations or anything else you might worry about when consuming lots of caffeine.

So, the jury's out on this one really. If you need help curbing your appetite, this could offer an efficient solution because it seems to have a physical effect on the stomach, filling it up with water and fibre before you eat, which will undoubtedly help with weight loss. The ingredients list doesn't contain anything dodgy-sounding but "spray-dried strawberry fruit powder" somehow doesn't sound very appetising or natural ! The all-important question - did I lose weight ? Well, yes I did, in-line with their average 1-2lb a week, but as I was already following the WeightWatchers ProPoints plan, I'm tempted to say I would have done anyway. Maybe it helped me cut down on my portion size and feel fuller quicker though. (Good news is that it counts as zero Weight Watchers ProPoints, which is always good news for anyone counting points !) If it helps reduce cholesterol due to the high fibre content, this has to be a good thing too.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £29.95 for a box of 21 sprinkles (so 1 week's worth if you take the recommended 3 per day)

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a box of Skinny Sprinkles in order to write the review.

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  1. Sounds expensive for what you get. Think I would rather eat some fruit - I'm on pro points also so will stick with that I think! Great review!

    1. Have you tried out any of the Weight Watcher Supper Club app receipes ? We've done a few (and blogged about them) and they're really good so far. I want to try the oven baked doughnuts - yum ! lol

  2. I might be tempted to try - but I have to agree, this is quite pricy, more expensive than just eating fruits and drinking mineral water...

  3. The packaging is fab! This reminds me a bit of Fybogel, it's the sort of thing that you have to keep stirring while trying to drink at the same time, lol

  4. WOAH! Price shock! I was really positive reading your review, then I got to the end and saw the price. I would definitely never be able to afford that!
    Great idea though, a new take on the somewhat tired diet drink category.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this review. To be honest, you would probably be best served eating an apple, banana or other piece of fruit and a glass of water - also looks and sounds more appealing than these as well!! Also, absolutely shocked and stunned by the price!!

  6. These look really nice and the girly pink packaging caught my eye straight away. In fact at first glance, I thought this was some kind of boxed beauty product, definitely the sort of thing I'd gravitate towards if I saw it displayed in a shop.

    Also, the drink itself actually looks quite thick and appetising (unusual for weight loss products!).

    Then I saw the price and was completely shocked! Who can really afford a £30 a week product these days?! I just hope this stuff works in order for it to justify the price.

  7. The consistency would definately put me off, i think its really expensive too!

  8. Yes looks far too expensive! I'm loosing weight with Slimming World.

  9. I love the pink packaging on these but wouldn't able to afford them.

  10. Good review and was very nearly tempted but I would want a months supply for that price !!


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