Tuesday 12 August 2014

Discovering July's Degustabox

It's been such a busy couple of weeks that I haven't had a chance to tell you about this month's Degustabox, which arrived at the very end of July. As always, we excitedly opened the box and peeked in to see what would be hiding inside.

This month's box is slightly different because it came in two varieties, one with and one without alcohol. (This is a one off though and you may not necessarily be able to state a preference in the future.) As a reviewer, I got special VIP treatment and received the products from both boxes, so I can tell you about all the products on offer this month.

Portlebay Popcorn Kracklecorn -The first thing we pulled out, and it prompted a squeal of delight from the kids ! The manufacturers explain : "Popped by hand by us, we add raw cane sugar into the pot just as the grains are popping to give a delicious, more brittle, crunchy texture. Then we just add a bit of salt and some natural flavours." These come in three flavours - Original (sweet & salty), Bacon & Maple Syrup and Chilli & Lime - and they're all delicious.

Zeo Drinks - Another new brand I'd never heard of : "Forget the usual sweet and sticky soft drinks; when it comes to refreshing yourself this summer discover ZEO. It’s a crisp, dry soft drink with a tingling taste sensation that comes in three light fruity flavours- peach and grapefruit Burst, citrus Crush and lime Zest." These are lovely as a grown-up drink over ice so we were pleased to see the half price voucher in the box so we can buy some more.

Green & Blacks - You can't go far wrong with chocolate so we were keen to see what we'd think of this bar of 60% Dark Chocolate with a zesty lemon flavour. The verdict was, we'd prefer milk chocolate but the lemon flavour does work well with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate.

The Berry Company Special Tea -  We got White Tea with Peach and Lemon but it's also available in  Green Tea with Blueberry and Aronia, Red Tea with Hibiscus and Cranberry and Black Tea with Elderflower and Lemon varieties. I'm not keen on tea, hot or cold, so I would have preferred one of their juices (Goji berry, Acai berry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Superberry Purple, Superberry Red or Cranberry). The individual serving carton is a handy format but they come in 1 litre bottles too. 

Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider - I was over the moon to pull this out because I absolutely loved the Crisp Apple Cider and Strawberry & Lime Cider from the same brand in a previous Degustabox. It didn't disappoint - it's got a lovely refreshing, crisp, fruity flavour.

Frank Blueberry & Chocolate bar - "A snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients which is honestly good for you and honestly tastes delicious." Sounds too good to be tasty? Well, it was surprisingly delicious, even if it is free from gluten, nuts, dairy & refined sugar.

Dr Oetker Violet Sprinkles & Eton Mess Sprinkles - These will be perfect for a cupcake making session. The kids have also pointed out that they would be great sprinkled over ice cream which sounds like a great idea to me.

Maggi - These sachets are great when I'm back at work and need a short-cut to a quick meal. We'll have the choice between Cheesy Chicken & Leek Potato Bake, So Baked Beef & Ale Casserole, So Baked Oriental Soy & Garlic Chicken and Piri Piri Chicken, which should all go down well with the whole family.

A Degustabox subscription costs £12.99 per month, delivery included. As usual I have a discount coupon code for you, which gives you a £3.00 discount when registering. The code is: LQTT9

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a free box in order to write an honest review.

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  1. These look great. We are on a strict budget so I wouldn't buy them but I do like the idea of them.

  2. Pam Francis Gregory12 August 2014 at 20:15

    This looks lovely - Would like to try the Blueberry cider too!


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