Thursday 14 August 2014

Pilgrims Choice Pick-n-Mix Blogger Challenge : Spicy Cheese & Potato Pasties

Pilgrims Choice has launched a brand new range of 80g Pick-n-Mix cheeses in bright and funky packaging to inspire and encourage consumers to try something new. Created at the perfect size and price, the new range is available in six delicious varieties: Vintage, Smokey and Wensleydale & Cranberry are the three core flavours, plus there are three limited edition flavours: Indian Spice, Firecracker and Apple.

I decided to try the taste bud-tingling Firecracker cheese, which includes Roquito Peppers and Green Jalapenos, mixing them with potato to cool things down slightly.

Spicy Cheese Pasties

ingredients :

1 pack ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry
2 spring onions
3 medium potatoes, boiled or baked (or leftover roasties will work too) and chopped into small pieces
1 pack of Pilgrims Choice Pick-n-Mix Firecracker Cheese
a little milk

Roll out the pastry and cut round a side plate to create each pasty piece.

In a bowl, cut the potatoes, spring onions and cheese into small pieces and mix. Place a little pile of this filling in the middle of each pastry disc, fold over both sides to the middle and crimp the edges to create a pasty shape.

Brush with a little milk and bake in the oven at 180° for 30 minutes, until hot all the way through and golden brown on top. Serve with salad.

Disclosure : I received some cheese in order to take part in the blogger challenge.

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